Effective energy boosters for tired mums

Tracey Montford

By Tracey Montford

Sep 05, 2017

Being a mum is challenging at the best of times!

We are often tired and find ourselves being pulled in every direction throughout the course of the day.

Taking a little time out for your self is always a good idea.

We have listed 10 simple energy-boosting ideas that are quick and no fuss solutions to get you up, moving and feeling great again.

1. Shower

Start your day with a shower. The water will reenergize you and make you feel fresh and ready for your day.

Having a shower mid-day can also work well on a hot summers day. The cool water will invigorate you and stimulate your senses.

2. Add a spot of color

Putting on a fun outfit can give you a little extra spring in your step. Bright colors, fun prints and a stylish outfit can help to boost your mood and in turn your energy levels.

3. Supplements

It is a good idea to have regular health checks to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Even though we eat well sometimes our bodies just need a little extra help.

Your health care provider may suggest the use of supplements to help boost levels needed should you be constantly be feeling tired.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to generate energy fast.
You can follow recipes or be as creative as you want.

Bananas, chia seeds, almond and or coconut milk, yoghurt, fresh berries, spinach, fresh fruit and nuts are all wonderful additions in smoothies.

5. Water

Dehydration can make you feel lethargic and tired. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure you remain hydrated.

6. Healthy meals

Choose meals that are well balanced. Meals that contain leafy greens, protein and a carbohydrate will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Low GI carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole meal breads and pasta will help to keep your energy levels high as they are slow burning.

Avoid sugary foods as they will give you an instant energy boost but long term will make you feel lethargic and tried when you come down from the sugar high. These types of foods include cookies, cakes, white bread, potatoes, white rice and spaghetti.

7. Fresh air/sunlight

Staying cooped up inside in air conditioning or a heated office can make you feel tired.

Plenty of fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun will help to boost your mood.

Go for a walk during your lunch break to recharge and to get away from the stress and monotony of the day.

8. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins that give you a natural high.

Walking, running, going to the gym, yoga, swimming or simply stretching will help to strengthen your muscles and release tension.

9. Music

Music is a wonderful way to brighten your mood.

Crank up your favorite tunes and sing out loud. You may even want to bust out a few dance moves.

Dancing is a great way to reenergize and put a smile on your face.

10. Power nap

Sometimes all we need is a quick power nap. Some quiet time to close our eyes and rest the body.

Mediation is also a fabulous way to help clear the mind and to distress. Meditation does take practice so be patient with yourself should you find your mind start to wonder.

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