Cake recognised a gap in the market for a good Plus Size Nursing Bras. After over 18 months in development, Cake introduced a range of uniquely engineered and structured non-wire bras for the fuller bust. Including a 4-part cup for support, amongst many other features and benefits, this bra is truly the ultimate plus size nursing bra for the fuller figure!

Plus Size Bras are particularly important as here more than ever is where greater levels of support, shape, structure and profile required. A good plus size bra will change the way you look & appear. The change to your overall appearance & torso that can be achieved truly amazing.

Features and benefits
During periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding, women will grow even further in the bust and band, making it important for the plus size nursing bra to fulfill not only the support but also unprecedented levels of comfort & function. Cake Lingerie uses a number of engineering techniques in these bras to ensure they meet these key requirements. Graduated wider straps, wider and longer hook and eyes, stabilising mid layer fabrics, 4 piece cup construction, wider and stronger elastics, the use of power mesh are some of the many fabrication related techniques that are implemented.

Plus size nursing bras are available in wire and non wires.
With the non wire construction the bras will tend to feel higher in the centre front and typically over more coverage that you average bra. The use of wire will enable that centre front to be lower, as the bra is supported by the use of wire.