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Life-enhancing support for every journey that’s truly
made for motherhood—from bump to breast & beyond.


When I fell pregnant with my first, I struggled with my identity. I was someone who had always taken pride in my personal style, so why as a mother did I feel I was being forced to give that up in the name of motherhood and functionality? I founded Cake Maternity after my first was born because I truly believe that relief, comfort and support are necessities for every mother but losing your identity in order to find them is not.

Tracey Montford

Founder of Cake Maternity

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Cake Maternity

Cake Maternity specialises in maternity and nursing bras designed to support your motherhood journey. We also offer an equally thoughtful assortment of maternity & nursing friendly garments & accessories. Consciously crafted from long-wearing, high-quality fabrics using eco-friendly dyes.

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The Cake Maternity Story

Cake was born out of our founder, Tracey Montford’s own personal struggle during her pregnancy journey. In her search for comfortable, functional and stylish maternity and nursing wear, it appeared hitting all three was the trifecta that didn’t exist. Suddenly in this new role, she was being forced into this one-size-fits-all mould of how a mother should look—and it wasn’t pretty. She wanted more and realised that if she felt this way, so must many other women across the world.

This became her driving force to create beautiful, high quality, functional and comfortable pieces inspired by her own experiences designed to support mamas on their breastfeeding journey. Bras that truly enhance the lives of women every day, allowing them to fully embrace motherhood & all that it brings to the table. 

To this day, Tracey has that same passion and vision driving her, encouraging women to breastfeed for as long as possible in a supported & educated community.