Pumping Bras

Perfect for multi-taskers, our pumping bras are designed for the on-the-go mama who needs a bra that allows her to feed & pump any time. Whether you prefer a traditional corded pump or a wireless in-bra breast pump we've got something for every pumping mama.

Wearable Pump Friendly
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Pumping Bras

Features & Benefits

Sick and tired of having multiple bras for multiple feeding functions and having to change them out throughout the day? Say goodbye to that and hello to our range of pumping + nursing hybrid bras. Our pumping bras have been designed to give you the best of both worlds, making it easy to pump or breastfeed, or even both at the same time. We know mums are busy, they need their hands and shouldn't need to plan their day around a bra.

Our unique design offers both feeding and pumping functionality. Pull aside cups offer easy-feed access and the hidden flange channels allow for hands-free pumping, holding the pump flanges securely in place. Our hands-free bras are compatible with both traditional corded pumps, wireless in-bra pumps and all types of flanges from Medela to Haaka. Our seamless bras are compatible with wireless in-bra pumps. 

Our pumping bras are made with super soft, luxurious fabrics that are all Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, meaning no harmful dyes or chemicals have been used. This ensures they’re better for mum, bub and the planet too.


When to Wear Pumping Bras

Our pumping bras have been designed for all-day, all-purpose wear. Gone are the days of having to swap our bras to feed in, pump in and be active in. They're made for the days at home, light-to-medium exercise (or just chasing the kids around), or getting out and about day-to-day.