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Cake Story

Cake Maternity has been established in 2014 to expand its original offering of Cake Lingerie, which was originally formed in 2008. With demand from around the globe, Cake listens to its customers.

Cake Maternity is committed to the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women around the world, creating fashion forward brands for women with a strong commitment to quality, luxury and fit. With the eventual goal of making Cake Maternity the destination for the needs of pregnant and nursing women, Cake now introduces 'CupCake - Nursing Pads’ and ‘Rosewater - Swimwear for Mothers’ to add to its original brand; Cake Lingerie. We’d love to hear from you as we continue to expand our products and brands.

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Join us on instagram and share your pregnant breastfeeding and Cake Maternity images with us @cakematernity #lovethebodyyouareincake

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Customer Endorsements

“Well done on creating beautiful maternity underwear that is comfortable. I will recommend your range to all my yummy mummy friends.”

“(On Bra of the Month Campaign) Thank you appreciating your customers and allowing them the opportunity to give feedback on something that seems so hard to find.”

“Love your lingerie! Couldn’t live without them. I have worn your flexible wire bras whilst pregnant and breastfeeding – it’s nice to finally have some good shape and support!”