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The loyalty program designed to support, treat and reward mamas.
What is CakeMamaClub?

We honestly get it, finding good bras is a struggle but even more so for most pregnant & breastfeeding women. As a proud mama-founded business that’s grown over the years thanks to the word of mouth of mamas, we’d like to keep it that way. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and it’s because of them that we exist. So here’s to you! CakeMama Club is our way of saying thanks, giving back to you & helping you to share the love too.

How does it work?
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Create an account to get instant benefits.

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Earn CakeCoins whenever you shop with us.

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Refer a friend and you’ll both earn points.

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Redeem your CakeCoins for exclusive discounts.

How do I earn?

Start shopping & you’ll earn +10 CakeCoins for every $10 you spend.


You’ll earn +10 CakeCoins for every $10 someone you refer spends with us.


Get +10 CakeCoins for each product review you write after giving them a good test.

What are the benefits?

When you sign up you’ll receive tonnes of goodies, such as access to our exclusive Bra Bundles offer, earn CakeCoins whenever you or someone you refer shops with us, receive member-only offers, early access to sales and new products (so you’ll get first dibs too). It’s a win-win-win.

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They’re yours to spend on whatever you choose. Simply redeem your CakeCoins when you checkout — happy shopping.

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The more you buy, the more you save (as it should be, right?) Our Bra Bundles are automatically added to cart, making saving super simple.

Get +10 CakeCoins
for each product review.

Once you’ve had your items for 45 days and put them to the real motherhood test, we’d love to hear what you think. We’ll send out the email so all you’ve got to do is click the review link, fill it out and viola +10 CakeCoins for you (that’s per product review). Happy spending!

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You’ll also get access to...
cakemama breast feeding book guide
Our Maternity Bra Fitting Guide

From conception through to breastfeeding, finding that right fit can be a game changer. This guide will show you how to get it, again and again.

cakemama maternity bra fitting guide
The Breastfeeding Guide

Written in collaboration with Midwife Marney Atkins-Smith, this e-book covers everything you need to know about breastfeeding.

Are you an influencer, blogger, media personality or just looking to collaborate? We’ve got something for you too!


What is CakeMamaClub?

CakeMamaClub is a loyalty program made to support, treat and reward mamas.

As a proud mum-founded business that’s grown over the years thanks to the word of mouth of mums, we’d like to keep it that way. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and it’s because of you that we exist. So here’s to you! By joining CakeMama Club we’re giving back to you & helping you to share the love too.

How do I join?

It’s super simple, just click here.

Does it cost anything to join?

Nope, absolutely nothing. CakeMamaClub is a free program designed to reward you.

What’s in it for me?

  • Unlock our exclusive Bra Bundles offer — so you can get up to 20% off each order you make.
  • Get your unique referral code to share with friends that gives them 10% off.
  • Earn +10 CakeCoins for every $10 you or someone you refer spends with us.
  • Access to resources such as our Breastfeeding Guide and Bra Fitting Guide
  • VIP Offers and sales.
  • Early access to new products.

How do I earn CakeCoins?

  • +10 CakeCoins for every $10 you or someone you refer spends with us (net value of spend, after discounts and excludes shipping. Terms & Conditions apply.)
  • +10 CakeCoins for each product review you leave on items you’ve purchased

How do I refer a friend?

It’s easy! Once you sign up, you’ll have access to your account where you will find your personalised code ready to share with friends. They’ll get 10% OFF their purchase and 45 days after you’ll get your CakeCoins ready to spend.

How long does it take for my CakeCoins to be approved?

When it comes to earning CakeCoins for your own orders as well as referrals, there is a 45 day approval period to make sure no returns or exchanges have been made. If an exchange has occurred, the credits will be pending for another 45 days. If a return has occurred, the credits will be cancelled. For all CakeCoin activity, you’ll be notified of the changes via email.

What is the value of a CakeCoin?

100 CakeCoins = $10, 250 CakeCoins = $25, 500 CakeCoins = $50 etc. The value of the CakeCoin will depend on your region, for instance 10 CakeCoins = $1 or £1 or €1.

What if my friend orders in a different currency to me?

Good question! You’ll earn 10 CakeCoins per every $10 / £10 / €10 (net order value) spent by someone using your unique referral code. These dollar values are set to the region you reside, therefore, if you’re based in the United States, and a friend from Australia orders, the AUD amount will be converted to USD and you’ll earn 10 CakeCoins for every USD $10 spent (net order value).

Can I use my CakeCoins in conjunction with other offers?

You sure can! We allow you to use and earn CakeCoins on any offer we run, from Bra Bundles to sales, exclusive offers and last chance items. The only thing not combinable are promo or coupon codes — trust us, you’re getting a way better deal anyways.

Can I redeem my CakeCoins for cash?

No, CakeCoins can only be used as store credit.

Will my past purchases count too?

All of your past un-returned purchases (that have passed the 45-day returns period) will be added to your account the moment you join and will count towards your total CakeCoin credits.

Do my CakeCoins have an expiry date?

All of your CakeCoins will accrue and remain within your account indefinitely. Feel free to use them when they hit the account, save them up, or wait until your next pregnancy to use them.

Can I check my referrals?

You sure can! Just log-in to your account, hit the CakeMamaClub tab and you’ll see your My Credits section. You’ll also receive e-mail updates when your account has any activity - such as friends using your code or credits being approved (no spam, just the essentials).