A lot of women express concerns around wearing flexible wire bras whilst pregnant and or breastfeeding due to a risk of mastitis or blocked milk ducts. The truth is that there is simply no evidence that proves that wires are the single cause of this problem. Mastitis can be caused by the compressed and/or restriction of your breasts. Restriction can be caused from wearing a bra that is too small and does not allow for fluctuation or movement of the breast.


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Features and Benefits of a good flexible wired bra


1. The wire should be a thin gauge and easily manipulated. Most mainstream bras contain very hard-ridged wires that allow for no movement or flexibility, this is why wires can often be uncomfortable. A flexible wire however, will easily move and mould to you body giving the wearer a much more comfortable fit and ease of movement.


2. A good  nursing or maternity bras will contain a flexible wire that has been constructed to sit under and around the breast. It has a much wider appearance compared with a mainstream bra wire. The benefit is that the wire will not sit up against the breast tissue if fitted correctly. It will set neatly under and around avoiding the breast tissue.


3. A good flexible wired bra will feel supportive and comfortable. The wire will help to create great shape and lift for a heavy bust. They are particularly beneficial for women with a large bust, as they will provide superior support.


4. Because of the flexible wire the design of the bra can be more flattering and versatile from under clothing. The centre front height can be lower which creates a more plunging neckline ideal for wearing underneath cute summer tops and sundresses.



When to wear a flexi-wire nursing bra


It is advisable that you only wear a flexi-wire nursing bra once your breast growth has stabilised. This means we do not recommend wearing a flexi-wire bra during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy or the first 4 weeks post birth, as during these times a woman will experience rapid breast growth. Some women can increase up to 3-cup sizes during these periods.


It is our recommendation that you get correctly fitted for your flexi-wire nursing bra. The wire should fit safely around the breast and should not dig into the breast tissue. No discomfort should be felt at any time. 3 to 9 months of pregnancy and around 6 weeks post birth are generally the best times to wear flexi-wire bras as during these times breast growth has stabilised.


A correctly fitted flexible wired bra should feel fantastic. It will give you superior support, great shape and a fabulous profile.


Flexi-Wire Nursing Bras


What the Australian Breastfeeding foundation has to say about flexible wired bras:


The ABA prescribes ‘There are now nursing bras available that have a flexible low-gauge wire support, designed to flex and change position with your changing shape. These are less likely to cause problems.’


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