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How to Choose Maternity & Nursing Sleepwear

tracey montford

By Tracey Montford

Jun 25, 2019

Getting a good night’s sleep is not always easy for new mothers, as a newborn baby’s sleeping patterns can be unpredictable. Regular disruption from sleep is not uncommon, so wearing comfortable/functional sleepwear can help to make those nights feeds a little easier.

Cake Maternity designs and manufactures a range of sleepwear that has been constructed especially for pregnant and nursing mothers. The generous fit ensures the garments are non-restrictive. Plus the styling is beautiful and can be worn with a robe during the day for those new mothers who are still to establish a daily routine.

gateau nursing chemise


Natural fabrics

All of our maternity sleepwear is made from natural, breathable fabrics. Modal and cotton blends are some of our favourites.

Modal is a soft, luxurious fabric that feels incredibly comfortable and lightweight on. The fabric drapes over the body and helps to keep you cool, unlike other synthetic garments on the market place.

We also like to use a cotton modal blend. This fabric is also made from natural fibres and has the similar benefits to modal. Cotton modal will allow the skin to breathe and keep you cool during the night. It is also soft and very easy to wear and is a popular choice by many as it is durable and easily washed and cared for.

Nylon blends

At Cake Maternity we choose not to use nylon and synthetic blends in our sleepwear. Whilst these fabrics can often be less expensive, they can be hot, irritating, clingy, cause the body to itch and are very uncomfortable to wear.

A pregnant and breastfeeding woman’s body is much more irritable and factors such as fabrications that would not normally irritate her, can be heightened during this time.

We recognise that a new mother’s sleep is precious and limited. Getting quality shut eye is largely dependent on your level of comfort.

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Purchasing one quality piece of nightwear that is super comfortable is a much better investment than purchasing two cheaper options that could cause you to toss and turn in the night.

cake maternity choc vanilla

Sleepwear Options

The Cake Maternity sleepwear range consists of nursing camisoles, matching PJ pants, chemises and tank tops. All garments have built in shelf bras for added support, drop down cups for feeding and have been designed to flatter a pregnant and postpartum belly.

When deciding what to purchase, consider your lifestyle and preference of styling. Some women like to wear chemises (nighties) while others prefer to wear PJ pants and tank tops. You will get more wear out of a style that you feel comfortable in. So avoid impulsive purchases and think carefully about your needs.

gateau pj pant

Features to Look For

Consider the fabrications

Go for natural fabrics rather than synthetic blends. Natural fabrics will help to keep you cool and will feel much more comfortable on.

Built in shelf

Whilst pregnant and breastfeeding you will notice a significant increase in the size and weight of your breasts. Choose sleepwear that has a built in shelf. This will help to provide your breasts with some much-needed support.

TIP: Wear a sleep bra for added support under your sleepwear.

Drop down cups for feeding

Drop down cups are a handy feature for women who want to breastfeed. Feeding clips are easily clipped down to expose the breast for easy feeding.

Adjustable shoulder straps

Adjustable shoulder straps are useful. The weight of the breasts can sometimes stretch the elastics, so having adjustments means the straps can be loosened or tightened accordingly.


Look for styles that are generous in the cut. Fabrics should drape without restriction.

Figure hugging styles should have ruching or gathered sides to allow for a growing belly if pregnant.

Pants should be cut to sit below the belly.

milk bamboo sleep bra

Sleep bras

Some women will enjoy the added support and security that a sleep bra will provide you while you sleep.

Look for a style that is made from a soft, preferably natural stretch fabric, that is wire free and fits securely around the rib cage and over and across the bust. A loose fit will not provide you with the support needed.

TIP: Sleep bras are fantastic to wear immediately post birth when breastfeeding starts. Nursing pads can be placed inside the bra to help capture any leakage that may occur during feeding times.

Care Instructions

If looked after, a piece of Cake Maternity nightwear will last and nurture you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Always wash your sleepwear in cold water. Avoid warm or hot water, as this will shrink the fibres in the fabric, resulting in a poor fit and less durability.

Avoid dryers and hang to drip dry away from direct sunlight to help ensure the garment retains its vibrant colour.

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