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50 Breastfeeding Memes Made to Make You Laugh

katie brooker

By Katie Brooker

Oct 29, 2019

Oxytocin is the love drug out there and what is produced to make you feel good when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. There is so much information on how to breastfeed properly, what to wear, how many times to do it each day and blah blah blah. Take some time out, while you’re nursing to lighten up the situation a bit. Produce some of your own oxytocin through a few giggles (or a few snorts and thigh slaps).

There’s so many memes out there from animals, to covering up, to accidental leaking or forgetting to cover up and of course we couldn’t have a meme’s collection with out Ryan Gosling. We think you will like these as they’ve been hand picked and tested on the ‘giggleometer’. They all passed with flying colours.

Whether you are googling, searching, procrastinating, breastfeeding, waiting or just simple want a snicker. Here are some memes that will definitely make you laugh.

Take your handy skills to the next level.

handy skills
Image Source: HuffPost

You just need 5 minutes to yourself

im hungry ma
Image Source: HuffPost

When you’ve been up all night and everyone knows it….

how did you sleep
Image Source: Meme Generator

When you are saving every single drop

crying over spilled milk
Image Source: Pinterest

You are super – yes you are!

i make milk
Image Source: The Bump

When you have to take care of 2 children

he has no breast
Image Source: Pinterest

Breastfeeding solves everything – especially if you’re gangster

99 problems
Image Source: Pinterest

When you are weighing up breastfeeding verses bottle feeding but…

breastfeeding meme
Image Source: Pinterest

When they’ve been awake all day and you need them to sleep but…

body trapped
Image Source: @awkwardparent on IG

Power to the moms out there with milk at their fingertips…

baby moms be like
Image Source: Pinterest

When your baby gets possessive…

funny breastfeeding meme
Image Source: HypeHumor

Breastfeeding is natural right, but not to some who think they are just getting their boobs out for no reason…

breastfeeding mother
Image Source: Reddit

When people take offense…

baby eating
Image Source: Pinterest

We all love a supportive partner!

breastfeeding in public meme
Image Source:

There’s an urgency to the matter…

hilarious breastfeeding meme
Image Source:

It’s a mad world we live in…

breastfeeding in public meme

When it’s ok to feed them dairy but not breast milk…

breasfeeding a baby - meme
Image Source: Pinterest

When you don’t’ have time to let the fake tan set

breastfeeding and spray tans
Image Source:

Breastfeeding in quiet room without any distractions is recommended because of…

Image Source: Pinterest

When you’re the only one that can feed your baby…

breastfeeding session meme
Image Source: Pinterest

You’re the best! No recall.

recalled set of boobs
Image Source: Someecards

When you can’t share the load because you’re the one with the worthy nipples.

worthless nipples meme
Image Source:

A bit political but, everyone has an opinion…

meme - breastfeeding in public
Image Source:

There’s an art to it of course…

nursing meme
Image Source: Pinterest

When you first start breastfeeding and your milk comes in:

start breastfeeding - meme
Image Source: Pinterest

When you are so hungry when you are breastfeeding that a snack becomes a main meal…

funny breastfeeding meme
Image Source: Someecards

When you keep getting those ‘looks’ from bystanders…

udder-feed in public
Image Source: BabyCentre

Yes we can!

breastfeeding mom
Image Source:

When your world becomes an episode of the office

breast pump meme
Image Source: Meme Generator

When it’s all about the context but double standards are rife:

shield our children
Image Source: Pinterest

Mind your own business

mind your own tits
Image Source: Meme Generator

Not so funny but some very good advice. New mothers are always sleep deprived so please be kind.

be kind to moms
Image Source: Pinterest

When you can’t control that spray

3 months postpartum
Image Source: @andthencamebabyy

Your breasts are delicate but being attacked:

baby hands
Image Source: Pinterest

“Neverending story feeding – argha argha argha!”- we feel your pain pup! 

Image Source: Pinterest

You’ve got your work cut out for you!

boob job
Image Source: @boobelife

It should be ‘pun’ kin – love the seeds in the bottles!

*pump* kin
Image Source: Pinterest

When the time to finish breastfeeding is completely up to you.

zebra milk
Image Source: Pinterest

It solves everything and fixes everything.

breastfeeding mother be like
Image Source:

We needed to add a little dad joke

oxytocin joke
Image Source: Pinterest

Not only the bag but the look on his face!  Such a mission to get to work with your pumping kit. 

breastfeeding moms to work
Image Source:

Captain obvious

sleep through the night
Image Source:

More onlookers that have their own opinions.

keeping babies alive in public
Image Source:

A bit of advice never goes astray

don't bite the boob
Image Source: Pinterest

The meme master: Ryan Gosling to finish on

We love, love, love so here’s a few to keep you occupied.

nursing in public
Image Source: Pinterest
take shirt off
Image Source:
breastfeed in bathroom
Image Source: Pinterest
Ryan Gosling on Breastfeeding - Meme
Image Source: Pinterest
night feedings
Image Source: HuffPost Parents

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