Whether it is your first or third baby a pregnancy announcement is an exciting time, not only for the expecting couple but for family and friends too.


In the age of social media pregnancy announcements have become creative and sometimes elaborate affairs. With couples thinking out side of the box and coming up with fun and quirky ways to announce their pregnancy, here are some interesting ideas:



Traditional announcements


Whilst still the most common way to announce your pregnancy they are less creative:


  • Pregnancy scan photo
  • Pregnancy test (positive)
  • Card/letter/email
  • Phone call
  • Dinner or party announcement


Elaborate announcements


You are only limited by your budget and your imagination:


  • Billboards
  • Skywriting
  • Large Flag or banner
  • Video
  • TV
  • Announcement at a public event


Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement

Image from beyonce.com




Photography is used widely across social media platforms to announce pregnancies.


Celebrities such as Beyoncé have used photography as a medium to announce her pregnancy, sending the Internet world into melt down.


  • Siblings
  • Hand written Signs
  • Road signs
  • Expecting Dates
Expecting Couples
  • Expecting couples
  • Expecting mothers
Small Baby Objects - Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
  • Small baby objects
  • Children’s storybooks
  • Gift with note for dad
  • Fortune cookies
  • Pets
  • Cake


Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement Parody

Left: Beyoncé; Right: Zoë Foster Blake




For some of us, humor comes easily. Capturing the right moment will be unforgettable.


  • Riding the coat tails of a celebrity announcement
  • Your children’s reaction to the announcement
Funny Pregnancy Announcement
  • Poking fun at your partners appearance


How ever you choose to announce your pregnancy its important to do what feels right for you.


Having a lasting memory is not only special for you as a couple, but it can be a memory shared with the child in years to come.




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