Beautiful Lingerie for Pregnant Women
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Beautiful Lingerie for Pregnant Women

I've always enjoyed wearing beautiful lingerie. I love the textures in lace, touch of the satins, the feel of beautiful fabric and all of the beautiful little details that make lingeriefor women special! I have always been happy to pay a little extra for a garment that excites me.


Cake Lingerie was developed out of a personal need. I was pregnant with my now 10-year-old son and I was in the market for maternity lingerie. Much to my disappointment the maternity lingerie at this time was matronly and unflattering. It did nothing for my self-esteem and I felt like I was giving up a part of my femininity to be a mother. Nursing bras seemed to be an after thought and no care or love had been put into itsdesign.

Cake Lingerie is now 8 years old and widely viewed as one of the key maternity bras brands in the world. A winner of numerous awards, Cake Lingerie stocked in 1000's of boutique and department stores in 45 countries i.e. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales.

Cake Nursing Bras

The demand for ournursing bras has been amazing, which only reinforces to me that women feel the same way I do about wanting to retain their femininity while pregnant and/or breast-feeding, whilst wanting practicality, support, function andcomfort.

I love designing new ranges. Attending fabric fairs, seeing our fabric and accessory supplier’s new ranges and attending trend seminars, providesme with inspiration. It is your feedback that provides me with direction. It is a real treat, seeing new concepts come together andto be able to piece your needs together into the product. I often seek ideas from mainstream brands. Although the design of a maternity bra is structurally different, fabrications, accessoriesanddesign techniques can all be applied to create a luxurious nursing bra that is often mistaken for a mainstream bra.

High Quality Maternity Lingerie

I pay particular attention to the quality of the bra. The lining, fabrics, flexi-wire, channels, hooks andeyes are the things that make a brand surprising and special. Cake Lingerie has become well known for those extra details. I love watching the smile on women’s faces when they discover those special details.

Cake Lingerie helps support women who choose and can breast-feed. The maternity lingerie empowers them and gives them a strength and identity. Often when a woman becomes a mother she sacrifices herself and becomes consumed with her new babies every need. Beautiful lingerie for pregnant women is a treat and an indulgence she does not have to give up. I have always maintained that lingerie is for women. Women more often than not buy lingerie because they love it and it makes them feel special, not because they are buying it to impress a man.

The Cake Lingerie brand has been developed around this belief. The garments, gift boxing, swing tags, website and photography etc. has been created with women in mind.


- Tracey

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