Beautiful Maternity Lingerie, Does It Even Exist?

Tracey Montford

By Tracey Montford

Oct 10, 2019

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style or lifestyle. Long gone are the days when pregnant women were encouraged to cover up, and looked upon unfavourably for exposing their pregnant form. Pregnant women are celebrating their bodies and demanding products that make them feel like a woman.

Traditionally maternity bras in the past tended to be matronly, large and unflattering. They were not the types of bras that made you feel special or feminine.

Maternity bras have been transformed and they can now be beautiful and pretty, while providing you with the necessary comfort and support your changing body needs.

Cake Maternity is one company that has shaken the maternity lingerie market up and has made it their mission to design beautiful maternity and nursing bras that women want to wear.


I’ve always enjoyed wearing beautiful lingerie. I love the textures in lace, touch of the satins, the feel of luxurious fabric and all of the beautiful little details that make lingerie so special! I have always been happy to pay a little extra for a garment that excites me and I felt no different when it came to maternity bras.

Cake Lingerie was developed out of a personal need. I was pregnant with my now 14-year-old son and I was in the market for maternity bras. Much to my disappointment the maternity lingerie at this time was matronly and unflattering. It did nothing for my self-esteem and I felt like I was giving up a part of my femininity to be a mother. Maternity bras seemed to be an afterthought by most brands and no care or love had been put into its design.

Cake Lingerie is now 10 years old and widely viewed as one of the key maternity bras brands in the world. A winner of numerous awards, Cake Maternity is stocked in 1000’s of boutique and department stores in 45 countries i.e. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales.

Cake Maternity Bras

The demand for our nursing bras has been amazing, which only reinforces to me that women feel the same way I do, about wanting to retain their femininity while pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

At Cake we love designing new ranges. It is your personal experience and feedback that helps provide our team with direction. 

We often seek inspiration from mainstream brands too. Although the design of a maternity bra is structurally different from that of a regular (non-maternity) bra, fabrications and accessories can all be used to help create a luxurious nursing bra that is often mistaken for a mainstream bra.

It is a real treat seeing new concepts come together and getting feedback from women who are enjoying their Cake bras.

wearing lingerie during pregnancy
Image Source: Jonathan Borba (Unsplash)

High Quality Maternity Lingerie

Designing a maternity bra is an intricate process. The lining, fabrics, flexi-wire, channels, hooks and eyes and cup construction are all elements that are significantly different, which make up a maternity bra.  Each element is carefully considered and measured down to the mm to ensure a flexible but supportive fit with good structure. 

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Cake Lingerie helps support women who choose to breastfeed. Our maternity lingerie is designed to empower women and give them a sense of self and love.  Often when a woman becomes a mother she sacrifices herself and becomes consumed with her new baby’s every need. Beautiful lingerie for pregnant women is a necessity that she doesn’t have to give up.

beautiful maternity lingerie
Image Source: @evisiskos (Unsplash)

What to Look for in Maternity Lingerie?

When you are pregnant the size, shape and weight of your breasts increase dramatically, which for some women they can be up to 3 cup sizes.

It is extremely important during this time that you wear a good fitting supportive maternity bra to help avoid premature sagging and discomfort/pain.

All maternity bras are not created equal.  

Fuller busted women need to invest a little more in their bras. They require quality, strong fabrics and trims with a good fuller cup coverage, to help ensure they get the required amount of support their bust needs.

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Smaller busted women can tend to get away with a lesser product due to the lesser fabrication, construction and material that is required.

Note: Generally speaking cheaper bras do tend to be made from less durable fabrics and trims, causing the bra to be less constructed, detailed and long lasting.

wearing maternity lingerie
Source: Arren Mills (Unsplash)





Features of a Good Maternity Bra

Top cup stretch

The lower section of the bra cup should be firm and strong (no stretch in the cup) as it holds and supports the breast.  The top cup however, should have some stretch in it to allow for fluctuation and changing breast size.

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Strong durable elastics

Test the elastics by giving them a firm pull and feel for any resistance.  A good quality elastic will feel firmer to pull and will retain its integrity and stretch.  

Fully adjustable straps

Quality, adjustable straps will allow you to adjust as required without loosing their tension.

Multiple hooks and eyes

A bra that contains more than 3 hooks and eyes will allow for adequate change in your body size. 6 hooks and eyes will allow you to loosen the bra underband as your rib cage continues to expand.

Wide supportive back band

The backband of the bra gives you 80% of the support you need. The backband should be wide and contain a strong durable fabric.  Give the fabric a pull and gauge the strength/durability of the fabric. A fabric that has little give will provide a much greater support than a fabric that gives easily. Double layered back bands are also preferable.

Full cup coverage

Whilst plunging necklines are lovely, support is by far the greater priority.  When trying on a bra make sure the bra cups give you adequate support and coverage. You should be able to move your arms up and down and your body forward and back,  without the risk of your breasts falling out.


Non-wired bras are by far the most comfortable and are recommended to wear during your first trimester and immediately post birth.  A good quality non-wired bra will feel just as supportive without the use of an underwire.

Flexible wire

Flexible wired bras are a fantastic option for pregnant women and can be worn during your 2nd and 3rd trimester.  Flexible wired bras should only be worn during periods when breast fluctuation has stopped. A good flexible wired bra will feel extra supportive and give the wearer a great shape, especially after the 1st month post birth, when your milkflow has regulated.

Nursing bra

Some women choose to purchase their nursing bras during pregnancy, this way they can continue to wear them when breastfeeding.

A good nursing bra will contain all of the above features with the added benefit of drop down cups for feeding.

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Our top picks

truffles nursing bra

For the sexy mama: Truffles flexible wired bra is a must have. Made from a beautiful all over lace and padded cup. It’s super low plunging neckline allows for a pop of cleavage.

zest nursing sports bra

For the sporty mama: Zest sports bra has been designed with high impact exercise in mind. Feel super secure and looked after when working out in Zest.

cotton candy nursing bra

For the mama who loves comfort: The Cotton Candy seamless bra is the ideal bra for everyday and night wear. Made from a super soft, supportive yarn. Cotton Candy has been designed to support and feel like a second skin.

croissant nursing bra

For the T-shirt loving mama: The Croissant bra is the ultimate basic. Available in nude, mocha and black it can be worn under T-shirts without being seen. The best thing about this bra is that it comes in a wide size range 32C-40K(US) so we have got you covered.

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