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What You Need to Know About Seamless Nursing Bras

Tracey Montford

By Tracey Montford

Dec 12, 2018

A seamless bra is designed to sit discretely underneath clothing. It is supposed to be ultra comfortable & stretchy, whilst providing moderate levels of shape and support. It contains no seams or stitching across the cup and is ideally moulded in the cup, to provide depth and shape, without compression.

A seamless nursing bra is ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women because it can grow with the changes in the body and bust, within reason. A good seamless nursing bra also includes an inner side sling for support, lower stabilisers for lift, a longer hook & eye for extension and importantly a drop clip to support breastfeeding.

How is it made?

The seamless bra is constructed on a knitting machine that is programmed to knit the garment in one piece. Specific measurements are entered into the machine to control the size, shape, density and strength of the garment.

manufacturing seamless bras

Every brand has their own specification, specialty yarns that they use which determine the density, quality, comfort and strength of the garment.

Once the knitted garment comes off the machine, the cups are then put in a heat pressed to mould the depth of the cups. A moulded cup will allow your bust to sit neatly into them and be separated in the cups. Not all seamless bras have moulded cups. A non-molded cup can tend to create more of a mono-boob, compressed look and feel.

moulding manufacturing

The raw edges of the garment are then trimmed and bound, straps are attached, hooks and eyes are connected before it is labelled and packaged.


Seamless bras come in a variety of different styles & designs. There is no right or wrong. Simply choose a design that works best for you.

rock candy seamless bra - back

1. Regular Bra back

This is the most common type of bra style. It has a number of hooks and eyes at the back and can be adjusted should it need to be tighter or looser. The regular back is ideal for all bust sizes but may not be as supportive as a racer back.

cotton candy luxury seamless bra - racerback

2. Racerback

Whilst some women may not like having to put a bra on overhead, the racer back will provide the wearer with greater support & a more secure fit. This is due to the additional fabric on the back of the bra, helping to lift and hold the chest. This style of bra is ideal for all bust sizes too, although larger busted women may find it difficult to pull the bra over their head and bust.

sugar candy fuller seamless nursing bra - j-hook

3. J-hook or Cross over back strap design

A J-hook or adjustable back is great for women looking for a little more support and lift or for those looking to have closer straps to suit their outerwear. These features can be found on some normal back maternity seamless bras too. The J-hook is ideal for all bust sizes and provides versatility.

4. Double or Single Layer

Most quality seamless nursing bras are made from a double layer. This provides the bra with its much-required strength and durability, without compromising its stretch. It also provides for better recovery and life.

5. Side Sling

Ensure to choose a seamless bra that has a full fabric inner side sling. This will enable the bust to project forward and limit the east-west, compressive nature that most seamless bra provides.

When should a seamless nursing bra be worn?

It is our recommendation to wear a seamless nursing bra during the transitional periods when you will experience a rapid increase and or fluctuation in your breast size. These times are usually during the first trimester of pregnancy and the first 8 weeks post birth when your body is learning to regulate its milk supply. A seamless bra is also suited during these times as it will not restrict movement and will stretch and change with your growing body.

Seamless bras should not replace your existing wired or non-wire structured bras ongoing. We recommend that whilst you can also wear these nursing bras for sleep or around the house, they will not provide the same levels of support that a structured bra will.

The soft luxurious nature of the bras will give you gentle support without the use of a wire and are ideal for wearing under your PJ’s and for sleep as well as around the home on a lazy weekend.

Will a seamless nursing bra provide enough support?

Seamless nursing bras are designed specifically for transitional periods during pregnancy and post birth, as this is when a woman will experience the greatest changes in her breast size.

Seamless bras will stretch with your growing body and they are soft and non-restrictive to wear.

They come in easy sizes, which means you purchase for your shirt size ie. XS-XXL. Each bra size will accommodate approximately 10 cup sizes and because of this, they have a great reputation, making them a very popular choice for new moms.

A typical seamless bra will provide women up to an F with enough support for continued wear throughout her pregnancy and beyond.

For larger busted women, look for a seamless bra that has the built-in structures and reinforcements to provide the additional levels of support, shape and separation. Engineered panels, stabilisers, denser knit panels, cross weaves, platform support panels, wider bands, denser knits, are some of the key features to look forward to when choosing a seamless bra for FF-H cup women.

It is important to take the time when purchasing a bra to understand its function and expected lifespan. Remember that not all bras are suited to every woman as our bodies are all unique and shaped differently. Choosing the right bra will change your life!

Features of a good seamless bra

Like with most things we buy, you get what you pay for. There are several nursing seamless bras in the marketplace, but be careful because they are not all created equal.

It is my advice to do your research first. Read reviews and get advise from friends on what products they found good.

When shopping, if the product is inside a packet take it out. Feel the fabric in your hands and give it a gentle pull. The fabric should feel firm and not have too much give. The more stretch the fabric has the less support it will give you.

Feel for thickness in the fabric. Thin fabric is likely to provide less support than that of a bra that has a double layer of fabric.

Pull on the straps! They should be substantial and when pulled, should only give a small amount. Elastics that give too easily will not hold the weight of your breasts.

The design is also important. The centre front should be higher and the bra should cover your breasts sufficiently. The back band should be wide and firm as it provides up to 80% of the bra’s support.

Features of Cake Maternity seamless bras

cotton candy nursing bra

Cotton Candy seamless nursing bra 32B-38G (US)

Cotton Candy is a multi-award-winning bra. It is loved by thousands of women around the world and continues to be one of Cake Maternity’s top sellers.

Cotton Candy maternity provides the perfect transition and sleep option, allowing room for the breasts to grow with comfort as a body changes rapidly, especially through the initial stages of pregnancy and post birth.

Uniquely constructed with a silky soft knit and intelligently placed support panels, Cotton Candy will expand and change with its wearer, without losing shape and support and gives certainty it will continue to fit, when cup sizes may increase.

This sporty-designed bra has a 100% cotton breathable sling to prevent chaffing on tender, swollen breasts, symptoms often related to pregnancy.

Interestingly, 80% of the support in a bra comes from the back band. This innovative ‘T back’ design and panel is carefully positioned, to naturally lift and profile.

A must-have, non-restrictive maternity necessity, Cake now offers products suited for every stage of motherhood with the same high quality and fit values.

Features include:

  • Racerback design for added support and comfort
  • Adjustable shoulder straps,
  • Hook and eye adjustment to accommodate a changing rib cage
  • Supportive under band
  • Double layered cups for added support and comfort
  • Moulded cups for depth and separation
  • Made from strong durable knitted yarn
  • Slide sling and drop down cups for feeding

rock candy maternity and nursing bra

Rock Candy seamless nursing bra 32B-38G (US)

The Rock Candy seamless nursing bra has too won numerous awards being recognized as one of the leading seamless nursing bras in the market.

Rock Candy has been created for the new mom who is looking for a wire-free, seam-free bra that will contract and support without restriction. Rock Candy is constructed with the same high-quality fabrics and finishing’s as Cotton Candy and offers the wearer comfort, support, function and flexibility with a normal back construction.

Rock Candy is the perfect everyday bra and is particularly useful during the transitional periods in pregnancy and post-birth when the body is changing and breast growth is experienced. Rock Candy will nurture and stretch to accommodate a changing body.

Features include:

  • Wide back band for added support
  • 6 hooks and eyes for adjustment to accommodate a changing rib cage
  • Made from strong durable knitted yarn
  • Double layer of fabric for added comfort and support
  • Removable foam cups for a smooth profile and discretion
  • Molded cups for depth and separation
  • Supportive adjustable straps
  • Supportive under band
  • Side sling and drop down cups for feeding

lotus yoga pumping bra

Lotus yoga/pumping bra to fit 30A-38E (US)

The Lotus yoga and hands-free pumping bra continue to grow a strong following, with both active and pumping mothers.

Features include:

  • Racerback design
  • Wide shoulder straps for support and comfort
  • Double layered under layer with pumping capabilities,
  • Peek a boo top layer that allows for easy discrete feeding
  • Made from strong durable knitted fabric and a supportive under band for a secure fit

sugar candy bra

Sugar Candy seamless nursing bra for the fuller bust 30FF-20L (US)

The world famous Sugar Candy bra was developed out of a need. We came up with a unique patent pending design for the Fuller busted women that has revolutionized the market place. Fuller busted women can now enjoy the same great benefits that a seamless bra has provided women with a smaller bust for years.

Features include:

  • Strong durable knitted yarn
  • Double layer of fabric
  • Unique built-in support system to hold the bust in place
  • Wide supportive back band
  • 6 hooks and eyes for easy adjustment
  • Strong durable shoulder straps with plenty of adjustment
  • Moulded cups for depth and separation
  • Side sling and drop down cups for feeding

How do Cake bras differ from other seamless bras?

Cake Maternity seamless Nursing bras are made from a strong knitted yarn and are purposefully designed as a transition bra, suitable for periods when a woman is experiencing changes in her body.

Each style within the Cake range has its own unique construction and has been designed to fit a specific size range that fit into easy sizing XS-XXL. Styles include Cotton Candy nursing bra, Rock Candy nursing bra, Lotus yoga/pumping bra and Sugar Candy nursing bra for the fuller bust.

The bras contain a double layer of a dense knitted yarn that not only provides comfort and stretch but a supportive, secure fit too. Cake Maternity chooses to use only quality fabrics and accessories that will retain their elasticity and shape after many wears and washes, unlike some other (sometimes cheaper) brands.

Whilst the Cake bra may cost a little more than some of, they are durable and will retain their shape after many washes and wears.

Why should I invest in quality bras?

Breast health is extremely important. It is during pregnancy and while breastfeeding that your breasts not only change in size but weight too.

Wearing an inferior product will not only feel uncomfortable but could also aid in premature sagging and ligament damage. The cheaper bras tend to be made from a lesser quality of fabric and trims.

Supporting your breast correctly will not only give you a great shape and confidence but will help to reduce your risk of developing conditions such as mastitis.

What should I look for in a seamless bra?

Seamless bras come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and quality.

Look for a bra that feels supportive. The fabric should stretch but feel firm. The quality of the yarn will determine the strength & ultimately the life of the bra.

1. The fabric should feel soft and luxurious on the skin

2. Typically a good seamless bra should have two layers of fabric for added support and lift

3. Moulded cups for separation and depth

4. Supportive, wide side slings for shape and comfort

5. Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps that do not dig in

6. At least four hooks and eyes for expansion

7. A wide back band for comfort and support

8. Be Non-wired

9. Supportive wide under band


Seamless bras come in easy sizing XS-XXL. They will usually fit according to your shirt size. The depth of the cup will vary depending on the brand. It is important to check the size chart before you purchase to ensure your bust will fit into the cups. A seamless bra should fit much like a structured bra.

  • Your breasts should be fully encased inside the cups
  • Your breasts should not be spilling out the top, sides or bottom of the cups
  • The under band should be snug and firm.
  • The under band should not be riding up or feel too tight or move around freely
  • The straps should be comfortable and not dig into your shoulders.

Not all seamless bras are created equal

It is easy to get allured to a cheaper product.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! Cheaper product tends to use lighter density yarns, trims and materials, which ultimately determine the quality & life of the bra.

The bra could fit you fantastically for a short period but will probably rapidly deteriorate over time due to wear and washing. Also being made from a stretchy material it could lose shape and its effectiveness very quickly.

How should I care for my seamless bras?

Like all bras, seamless bras should also be looked after. Caring for your seamless bras will help to ensure they last longer.

1. Ideally, wash the garment in warm or cold water inside a laundry bag. This will help to avoid discoloration, fabric pulls and or too much shrinkage.

2. Wash lights with lights and darks with darks to avoid colour transfer.

3. Hang to dry away from direct sunlight and avoid dryers as they will deteriorate the elasticity in the fabrics and could cause shrinkage.

4. Store flat or neatly folded in your draw after the garment is dry.

A good seamless bra will fast become your favourite go-to bra!

If you haven’t already tried one, seamless bras are the most comfortable, forgiving bras on the market & it’s worth the try.

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