Stay-At-Home vs Working Mom

By Tracey Montford

Oct 23, 2017

For most of us the choice between being a working and being a stay at home mom is simply not a choice but mostly dictated by financial circumstances.

Ideally a part time job that allowed us to work during school hours would suit most as it would help to create a nice balance between work and home life. The reality is that it is simply not always possible.

I think it is important for all women not to judge each other’s choices, as for most the decision has not been an easy one.

Stay at home mum

Whilst being a stay at home mom can be extremely rewarding it requires a high level of patience, organization and selflessness.

It is important to remember that being a mom is the most important and rewarding thing you will ever do. You are appreciated and valued even when it feels like you are not.


  • Be there for their children
  • Nurture learning
  • Care for them when they are sick
  • Avoid expensive daycare fees
  • Teach by example
  • Take care of the home
  • Patience
  • Less rushed
  • Volunteer work
  • Take children to after school activities
  • Help with homework
  • Have complete control over raising their children
  • Structured home environment
  • Satisfaction
  • Love/bond is strong between mother and child
  • Happy/secure children
  • No need for maternity leave
  • Flexibility for family holidays
  • Go to school events and excursions
  • Healthy planned cooked meals
  • Get social on social media
  • Enjoy the outdoors


  • Finances are tighter
  • Women has to give up her career
  • Can loose herself
  • Can get stuck in a rut
  • Children are less independent and reliant on Mum
  • Regret and resentment for giving up career
  • Can procrastinate and are less likely to run to a routine
  • Has a less impressive wardrobe (comfortable options mainly)
  • Can feel like she is taken for granted

Working Mom

Working mother

Being a stay at home mom is a lot less common now compared with my mother’s generation.

As a society we have become materialistic and our want and need for bigger and better has driven us to buy bigger homes, have flasher cars and more personal precessions. Financial burdens are also forcing us back into the work force a lot sooner than we would like.


  • Financial
  • Personal development
  • Satisfaction in work
  • Mental stimulation
  • Independent children
  • Career
  • Role model for daughters
  • Social children
  • Social mother
  • Get more done in the day
  • Organized
  • Less time on social media and forums
  • More impressive wardrobe
  • Present themselves well


  • Child care fees
  • Less time spent with children
  • Rushed/stressed
  • After school care
  • Less sporting involvement after school
  • Unable to attend school events
  • Take time off when children are sick
  • Distracted
  • Children are being raised by others
  • Children may become insecure/needy
  • Maternity leave
  • Limited annual holidays
  • Miss milestones in children’s growth
  • Feel a sense of loss or guilt for not being with child
  • Less time to prepare healthy meals
  • Less time to look after the house

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