How to Buy Bras Online?


By volenday

September 7, 2016


How to Buy Bras Online?


Buying maternity and nursing bras online has never been easier, with faster internet speeds, mobile apps and flexible delivery / exchange options, allowing you to shop when and where ever you want.


Despite all this, many women find purchasing a bra online difficult. Use our bra fitting guidelines below to help access if your current bra fits correctly.

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Understand Your Breasts – Shape & Fit


Most good online bra sites will offer clear directions on how to assess your body & help determine a size that will be most suitable.


Looking at yourself (with a bra on) in the mirror is an ideal way to understand your fit. Use that as a baseline to determine if;

  • You need to go up or down a cup?
  • You need a bigger or smaller band size?

Step 1: Stand in front of a mirror with your bra on.

Step 2: Access the fit.

Step 3: Is your bust fully encompassed inside the cups? Or are your breasts spilling out the sides or top of the cups? (go up a cup size) Or is there access fabric where your bust is not filling the bra cups? (go down a cup size)

Step 4: Make your selection to go up or down a cup size on the
calculator below.

Step 5: Does the back band of the bra feel firm and comfortable? Or is it too loose? (go down a band size) Or is it restrictive and tight? (go up a band size)

Step 6: Make your selected on the below calculator to go up or down a band size depending on your findings

Step 7: The calculator will re-calculate your new bra size.


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Use Our Bra Fitting Quiz


Take our Bra Fitting Quiz is a quick, effective and visual method of validating the size you will need.

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The Question of Size!

Whilst its true that bras from different company’s can fit slightly differently (in the same size label as it is in clothing) you are still better off purchasing the same size in a different brand, if that size fits you correctly.

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Reviews and Product Information

Most good websites will use a combination of product text & reviews to provide you guidance on any size adjustments/ allowances you need to make, depending on the cut, depth and overall design of the product. Read these!

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Use Measurement Charts

If you are still unsure, use a measuring tape and measure yourself to help determine your size. Whilst using measuring tape alone can be risky (due to measuring inconsistencies & the inability of measurements to capture the 3 dimensional nature of the breast), it should validate your findings from step 1 & 2.

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Know what you want & need

Bras come in all sorts of shapes, styles, colors and fabrications i.e. Lace, contour, seamless, fuller cup, wire, non-wire, balcony or plunge shapes.


Think carefully about your requirements and the use of the bra. This will help to narrow your search to avoid making an unnecessary purchase or one you’ll be unhappy with.


Remember if it looks good in the photograph, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll fit you. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing your breast & styles that generally suit you is important.


Perky, Full bust

Perky, Full Bust

A flexi-wire balcony type style would be ideal.

We recommend a bra like:

Banana Parfait Nursing Bra

Smaller, Full Bust

Smaller, Full Bust

A plunge or balcony style would suit.

We recommend a bra like:

Rose Mousse Nursing Bra

Fuller Bust

Fuller Bust

Choose a non-wire fuller cup coverage bra.

Less Perky Bust

Less Perky Bust

Molded bras are ideal for women with less structure.

We recommend a bra like:

Cinnamon Waffles Nursing Bra
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Understand the terms and conditions of sale – return & exchange policy

All online stores will have terms and conditions of sale. It is advisable to read these first before purchasing. Understand your rights and where the product is being shipped from incase of the need for exchanges or refunds.

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Always make your purchase from a safe secure website. The use of SSL certificates, VeriSign certificates and other trust factors, usually placed at the bottom of home page, should give you a good indication of the reputation of the site. Never save your passwords or credit card details online.


Never save your passwords or credit card details online.

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Try on your purchased before removing the tags

We recommend not removing any purchase tags or labels before trying on the garments. Put on for fit and comfort in front of a mirror to help determine suitability. Put a T-shirt over the top of the bra to help ascertain the shape and fit before making a final decision.


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