Do I really have to buy maternity underwear?

By volenday

March 23, 2016

We highly recommend to buy and use maternity underwear.


Matching your bra with a lovely brief will not only provide you with the necessary levels of comfort and function but make you look and feel fabulous. Whilst we agree it not a necessity, matching the set will always make you look and feel better about what you are wearing.


During your pregnancy and post, changes to the body not only happen to your bust but also to your waist and derriere! Comfort and stretch is vital. That non-restrictive, super soft feel is much needed. The Cake maternity underwear is especially designed to sit lower at the front, to accommodate a growing belly, without cutting or digging into your belly area.


Many of the briefs have a cotton lining in the gusset to avoid irritation and provides comfort. The seat coverage in some of the styles is also wider with supportive elastic for that no-ride comfort.


Whilst collectively referred to as briefs or panties in the US, there are a few different types to consider:


1) Bikini – Probably the most common style of briefs, the Bikini has a hip-level waistband with low sides. The Cake Lingerie bikini briefs provide good cheek coverage and are intentionally cut lower to sit under a growing belly. They are styles and universally loved.


2) High Rise Brief – Common with pregnant women, some women do love the security of a brief with the added front coverage that comes across the top of the belly. The front panel is designed with fabric that is non-restrictive & that doesn’t cut or compress into the belly.


3) Boyshort – These figure hugging briefs with a longer leg provide for extra coverage and are particularly liked by women who are after a more fuller and concealed coverage.


4) Thong – Whilst not the most common of briefs, there are some women who have always worn and who still want to wear their G-Strings or Thongs. Cake Lingerie provides a couple of style options here too.


We are here to make you feel your fabulous self!

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