Capture the Moment — Maternity Shoot Ideas

By Tracey Montford

Apr 10, 2017

Pregnancy is an exciting time.

Creating memories of this time in your life is something you will cherish. In this digital and social media age women are continuing to share more too.

We have compiled a list/starting point to help guide you through a maternity photo shoot.

What photographer should I use?

Deciding on a photographer is an important step. Do your research and choose a photographer who you feel comfortable with. If you feel shy or nervous around them, this will reflect in the images.

TIP: At Cake Maternity we only use female photographers.

We find the rapport between model and photographer to be more relaxed and natural. This is particularly true should you choose to do a lingerie or semi-nude photo shoot.

Look through the photographer’s portfolio to ensure you will receive the style and quality of images you are after. Discuss the price and package in the early stages to avoid any disappointment later.

Remember you get what you pay for. More experienced photographers will command a higher price and this will usually be reflected in the results.

maternity photo shoot by alloria winter studios
Photographer: Alloria Winter Studios



Decide on whether you want a studio shoot or a shoot on location.

Most professional photographers will have their own studio setup with lights and props.

It is important to understand that a studio shoot tends to be more posed and contrived, but can result in some beautiful and dramatic imagery.

maternity photo shoot by jenny hokbengboun
Photographer: Jenny Chokbengboun



Shoots on location can appear more natural.

A location could include your home, garden, beach or special place.

Subject matter

This memory will be a permanent record of this special time in your life.

Think and choose carefully the stage of pregnancy you want on record and who will be in the shoot.

Some ideas:

  • Mum only
  • Mum and Dad to be
  • Mum and other children
  • Mum, Dad and children
  • Mum and parents
  • Mum and pets
maternity photo shoot by jenny chokbengboun
Photographer: Jenny Chokbengboun



It is important to remember that if you feel comfortable when posing this will result in a more natural fluent pose in the photograph.

Experiment with standing, sitting and or lying down positions, until you find a pose that feels write for you.

Don’t be forced or encouraged to remain in a pose that feels unnatural. Finding the right position can take time so be patient.

maternity photo shoot by alloria winter studios
Photographer: Alloria Winter Studios



The ideas are endless.

Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful sources of inspiration for those with a less creative mind. 

Your selected photographer also is likely to have some great ideas.

Your photos should represent your personality and can be as fun or serious as you like.

A photo shoot could be themed around a:

  • Baby announcements
  • Gender announcements
  • Bump shoot
  • Recording the stages of pregnancy
  • Love between mother and child
  • Nude pregnancy
  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear
  • Fantasy
  • Fitness
  • Editorial in studio
  • Mother and fathers love for one another
  • Family
  • Birth photos
  • New arrival photos
  • Hospital photos
  • Breastfeeding

Maternity photos are a lasting memory of what is a very special time in our lives. Try not to over think things too much and enjoy the experience!

maternity photo shoot by jenny hokbengboun
Photographer: Jenny Chokbengboun

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