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Maternity underwear has come a long way over the past 10 years.

When I was newly pregnant with my now 8-year-old son, the range of maternity underwear on the market was much the same, beige, black and white and incredibly boring with a focus on function. This type of product did nothing for my self-esteem and abruptly introduced me into the world of motherhood.

Today’s Maternity Underwear

Thank goodness maternity underwear has evolved over the years. Beautiful fashion styles, a range of colours, gorgeous fabrications and flattering fits are combined to create desirable lingerie garments women want to wear.

Maternity underwear offerings range from gorgeous sleepwear garments that are soft and super comfortable to wear, to a wide range of bras that come in many different styles ie. balcony styled, plunge, contour, seamless, flexible wired, non-wired and fuller coverage.

It is my recommendation that you purchase quality maternity underwear options. Quality garments tend to be made from superior fabrics and have the extra bells and whistles that cheaper garments do not have. Cotton lining and cotton blend fabrics are particular good as they keep your body cool and help to avoid irritation. Well made garments will also usually last longer, the elastics and trims will tend to stretch less and the wearer will benefit from greater support.

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