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Cake Maternity is proud to be associated with two wonderful women’s charities PROJECT UPLIFT and DAYS FOR GIRLS. Both charities work tirelessly to enrich women’s lives around the world by providing them with basic everyday necessities like bras and underwear.

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Everyone is different.  Every body is different.  Every breast is different.

We all experience changes in our bodies during pregnancy and nursing. Some women will experience dramatic changes in their body shape and breast size, while others will experience little change.

Our bodies are all different. A woman that is a D cup can be a completely different D cup to another woman. Listed below are a few different body types and bust shapes.

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Hospital bag

The birth of your child is fast approaching and it is time you started to think about your hospital bag and the types of things you will need to take with you to hospital.

Along with your personal items we suggest you include the following to make those first few days of motherhood as comfortable as possible:

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washing 4


It is recommended that you wash your bra after two wears.  This is assuming it is not milk stained or contains any other visible marks.

Our body is constantly sheading skin and the creases in and around your bust and armpits are hot and sweaty.  Bras are figure hugging and will pick up odours and dirt easily.

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Manufacturing Process


Cake Maternity started from humble beginnings in a home garage just over 7 years ago.  Starting small meant we did everything ourselves which enabled tighter controls in all areas of the business including the manufacturing process. As we’ve grown, though the difficulty of maintaining such stringent control has increased, the importance of doing so certainly has not. And so we continue to maintain high standards of quality and ethics for the entire manufacturing process.

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conference Katie

At Cake we wholeheartedly support breast feeding. We firmly believe that if more women feel supported to breast feed the world will be a better place, children will be better nourished, and grow up healthier and — even smarter.

So this year our head designer /bra technician, Katie Brooker, attended the International Lactation Consultants Conference held in Brisbane, looking for further insights.

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