A good Nursing Sports Bra is a must for women who plan to feed for a while whilst staying active and aiming to get their bodies into shape. The Cake Lingerie Nursing Sports bra support & limit bounce without compression.

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Staying active during pregnancy
It's been proven that an active ‘mom-to-be' or one who undertakes a fitness routine post birth, will be more likely to avoid complications during birth & be in a better position to handle the demands of a young baby. A toned body and one that you can see returning to pre-baby proportions can only be a good thing.

There has been a significant new industry created around Mommy fitness, social activity and group interaction with baby. Running groups, pre & post-natal yoga are some of the many networks being created to support you.

What to look for in a good nursing sports bra
A good fitting, supportive, high impact nursing sports bra is a must. Importantly, a nursing sports bra should support without compression, which could otherwise do significant damage to the lactating bust. Avoiding the upward bounce whilst controlling movement is the key. The Cake Lingerie range of Zest Nursing Sports bras are uniquely created with moisture wicking capability to ensure a dry, comfortable feed post activity. Its stylish color combos, support brands, color coordinated wider support straps are ideally positioned to provide support, whilst aesthetically pleasing.