Pumping Bras are a must have for women who plan to store their excess milk supply, need to feed their baby through a bottle or perhaps need to get back into the workforce, but still want their baby to be fed with breastmilk. The advent of new, sleek, technologically advanced breast pumps have made pumping easy, discreet and provide breastfeeding women with options.
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Pumping Bra Options & Ideas

Hands-free pumping is a notion that is increasingly spoken about. Simply put, it means, the nipple shield is held in your bra & an automated (electrical) pump creates periodic suction to extract milk into a bottle or container. Mechanical pumps are also widely used by women who perhaps don't need to express milk as often. There are several choices so we recommend researching the same.

Types of Pumping Bras

There are 3 main types to consider. The first is a bra that has a concealed hole for the breast shield to be inserted via onto the nipple. The second is a pull down bra, where the top or the cup itself can be pulled down to expose the nipple. Lastly, there are pumping bra covers that can attach onto your existing nursing bra that enable you to pump.