Third Trimester

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While most growth during the third trimester occurs in the womb, your breasts may continue to feel heavier. Around 8 months pregnant we recommend fitting for a nursing bra, as your breast size at this stage will most likely be your size when you are 6 weeks post-partum

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Third Trimester

Trimester three marks another round of changes to your breasts as your body continues to get ready to nourish your bub. Your breasts are likely to become even fuller, heavier and feel denser as your milk begins to come in. Some common changes are that your nipples might change shape, colour or become a little larger and more pronounced. While it's totally normal, some might find they prefer to wear slightly higher coverage, padded bras during this time to conceal their nipples and avoid show-through. This trimester also marks the perfect time to be fitted for those nursing bras you'll be using postpartum. This is because around the 8-month mark your cup size is going to be very similar to what your size will be once your milk supply has regulated postpartum. Pretty neat! During this stage we recommend sticking to seamless and wire-free styles to ensure you stay comfortable, especially as your milk begins to come in.

We have a wide variety of maternity bras and nursing bras across a range of sizes, colours and styles. From our signature matching sets to our seamless, contour, spacer, wire, non-wire, fuller, plunge, balcony, fuller coverage, bralette, sports, sleep and everyday bras, we’ve got your every need covered.