Second Trimester

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second trimester

As your milk ducts develop, your breasts may continue to feel fuller & heavier alongside a ribcage that's expanding as bub grows in the second trimester. This is why our bras are designed to accommodate these changes while supporting you as you continue to grow.

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Second Trimester

Trimester two is when you'll start to feel like you again, with a little zing of energy that you were missing in the previous trimester. It's the stage when you'll begin to feel the most growth with belly and ribcage expansion, and while it's a beautiful thing, it can at times feel uncomfortable with skin feeling itchy, sensitive and irritated. Your breasts are still growing, however, you might begin to feel less tenderness than you were previously. As always, your comfort is the key, so when it comes to bras, whatever feels best for you is the way to go. Some prefer to stick to wire-free bras, while others want nothing more than to get back into pregnancy-safe flexi-wire bras. Every journey is unique so we suggest listening to your body and needs to determine what works best for you during this second trimester. As each of our bras have been crafted to offer support as you grow from bump to breast and beyond, your options are endless.

We have a wide variety of maternity bras and nursing bras across a range of sizes, colours and styles. From our signature matching sets to our seamless, contour, spacer, wire, non-wire, fuller, plunge, balcony, fuller coverage, bralette, sports, sleep and everyday bras, we’ve got your every need covered.