Amazon – Authority to Sell

The products sold by the below mentioned sellers include a manufacturer’s warranty. No other sellers offering Cake Maternity or other brands named below, contain the manufacturer’s warranty protection.

Courts have held that reselling products that aren’t eligible for manufacturer’s warranty are considered materially different.

Garments bought from others then the below mentioned sellers MAY NOT BE ORIGINAL Cake Maternity, Charley M, Sugar Candy, Rosewater brands & buyer is at own risk to obtain counterfeit garments.

Cake recommends to only buy from the authorized sellers who are official representers of Cake Maternity, Sugar Candy, Charley M, Rosewater by Cake Maternity, CupCake brands:

  • Bare Necessities
  • Bosom Buddies
  • Breakout Bras
  • Chattering Chimps LLC
  • Curve Appeal BTQ
  • Figure 8
  • One Hot Mama
  • RoystonG
  • SPH
  • TruFigure