The innovative, feel-good nursing bralette that offers F+ cup
support, shape, separation and lift, 100% wire-free. 


When my milk came in, I went from a DD to a GG. Not to mention I was sore, heavy, and fluctuating more than Wall Street stocks. My boobs felt so big and heavy, and while all I wanted was comfort, the support just wasn’t there. Seamless bras were just a piece of fabric covering my boobs with NO support. Sugar Candy was designed purely from my own personal needs and for all those other women in the exact same boat.

Katie Brooker

Designer of SugarCandy* Bralette

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With over 10 years experience designing & manufacturing nursing bras & bralettes for fuller busted women, we figured out how to get maximum shape, lift and support, wire-free. And thus, SugarCandy* was born, bringing wire-free bralettes to the market for all fuller busted ladies.

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The SugarCandy* Story

Sugar Candy was born out of a growing demand from fuller busted women, who wanted to experience the same levels of comfort that more petite busted women had been experiencing for a long time from seamless bras—rightfully so.

With over 10 years of experience designing and manufacturing nursing bras and bralettes for fuller busted women at Cake Maternity, we figured out how to get the maximum shape, lift and support, wire-free. And as such, the SugarCandy* bralette was born. We spent years perfecting the design, ensuring that it truly offered the lift, shape, separation and support that women deserved from a wire-free option. Today it’s one of our best-sellers and loved by fuller busted mamas and women across the globe.