How do we support mamas?

We believe that mothers are a powerful force. From our customers and those working within our business, to the female and mama-focused charities that we support, we take pride in our ability to empower mamas by understanding their individual needs.

How exactly do we do this?

  • As a business founded and run by mothers, we’ve taken the time to understand our customers’ unique motherhood and breastfeeding journeys, as well as their needs.
  • By creating a workforce of mothers and providing supportive, flexible work environments.
  • Giving back by partnering with charities that support mothers around the globe. In many cases, we donate all of our samples and discontinued styles to those women around the world who need them more than us. To find out more about the charities that we support,check out what charities do we support?
  • By offering our knowledge and personal experiences through entertaining and educational content which empowers mothers along their journey, via our social platforms: FacebookInstagramYoutubeBlog and our Newsletter
  • By teaming up and collaborating with educators and professionals in relevant fields who add value to the lives of our customers.
  • It’s important to us that we have real mamas and mama-to-be’s representing our products, and have a zero image editing policy. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and our bodies should be worn proudly for the incredible things they have achieved. It’s our purpose to empower and celebrate all mothers, in the hope that all women will feel represented, as they should.
  • Through our friendly customer service, with staff who, through personal experience as mothers, know exactly how you feel and the questions you might have.
  • By continuing to design and curate products that we know will be beneficial for mamas, supporting them in their everyday life.
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