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Fitting Guide

At Cake Lingerie we are committed to ensuring the fit of our products. We
recommend following the simple steps below to find your size.
Alternatively, you can have a look at our Videos on the art of bra fitting.
STEP 01:
While wearing a non-padded bra, measure around the
band of the bra. (We recommend measuring in
inches which will provide for a more accurate result)
The measuring tape should be level and snug.
Round to the next whole number. Then refer
to the chart below to determine your band size.
(If you measured 27.4 inches, then round to 28. Then refer
to the table below). Your band size is hence a 32.
STEP 02:
Measure Upper Bust (Cup)
Now measure around your breasts where they are at
their fullest. (Use the same care as in the previous step).
Round off to the next whole number (If you measured
34.6 inches, then round to 35) to get your bust size.
STEP 03:
Calculate the difference
Now deduct 'Your Band Size' from your measurement
from Step 2 (using our example above 35-32 = 3).
Finally refer to the chart below to work out your 'Cup Size'
(using our example 3 = C cup, so your size is a 32C).
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