Seamless bras are designed specifically for transitional periods during pregnancy and post birth, as this is when a woman will experience the greatest changes in her breast size.

Seamless bras will stretch with your growing body and they are soft and non restrictive to wear.

They come in 4 easy sizes, which means you purchase for your shirt size ie. S-XL. Each bra size will accommodate approximately 10 cup sizes and because of this they have a great reputation, making them a very popular choice by new mums.

A seamless bra will provide a smaller busted woman with enough support for continued wear throughout her pregnancy and beyond. However, a larger busted woman should only use the seamless bras during the transitional periods of her pregnancy and post birth, as the stretchy nature of the product will not provide enough support and lift going forward for every day wear.

A larger busted woman should look for a cupped size bra at approx. 3 months of pregnancy and or 8 weeks post birth. Cupped sized bras have been specifically designed to fit, support and lift individual sizes to ensure the bust gets the support it needs during this time.

Cupped sized bras come in many shapes in sizes ie. non-wired, flexible wired, contour, spacer foam, soft cup, full coverage, balcony style, plunge etc. It is important to visit a bra fitting specialist to get fitted and find a bra that suits your lifestyle and feels comfortable and supportive for all day wear.

All bras should feel comfortable, whether they are seamless or cupped sized bras. It is important to take the time when purchasing a bra to understand its function and expected life span. Remember that not all bras are suited to every woman as our bodies are all unique and shaped differently. Choosing the right bra will change your life!


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