Sleep is essential to help maintain good health during pregnancy. Lack of sleep can cause irritability, nausea and fatigue.


We understand just how important sleep is and have come up with a list of tips to help you sleep soundly throughout your pregnancy.


Wear comfortable sleepwear

During pregnancy a women’s body is more sensitive. Synthetic fabrics can cause the body to overheat and can irritate the skin resulting in sleepless nights.


Choose sleepwear garments that not only fit well but also are non-restrictive and feel nice against the skin. Soft natural, fabrics will keep you cool allowing your skin to breath and help provide for a restful night’s sleep.


Wear a sleep bra

Pregnancy not only brings about a change in a woman’s body size but it can bring a significant increase in her breast size. Your breasts will often be tender, swollen and heavy. That’s why a lot of women will choose to sleep in their bra in the later stages of their pregnancy or post birth. 


Should you decided to sleep in a bra, wearing a supportive maternity sleep bras is a great idea throughout your pregnancy and beyond. We recommend wearing a sleep bra that has plenty of stretch to allow for your changing shape. Ideally it should be made from a natural fabric such as cotton or bamboo to allow the skin to breath. A non-wired option is better suited as it will provide comfort with out restriction.


Get comfortable

A lot of women find sleeping on their side difficult. Invest in lots of extra pillows or an especially designed pregnancy pillow. Place the pillows behind your back, between your legs and in front for support. The pillows will help to relieve any pressure you may experience whilst sleeping.


Keep the bedroom cool

Avoid hot stuffy rooms. Ensure the room is well ventilated. Your body temperature will generally rise during pregnancy, so it’s easier to overheat.


Establish a bedtime routine

Get yourself into a routine and stick to it. Just like babies and children, adults will benefit from a good sleeping routine and a consistent bedtime.


Keep calm

Leave your pregnancy books in the lounge room. Avoid reading in bed or participating in any activities that could cause anxiety. Stress and an over active mind will disrupt a good nights sleep.


Reduce fluid intake

A woman’s bladder will hold less fluid when she is pregnant. Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water during the day. After 4pm reduce the amount of fluid intake. This will help to avoid numerous trips to the restroom during the night.


Eat healthy

A balanced, healthy diet will help to maintain good body function and will help to avoid complications such as heart- burn during pregnancy.

Eat plenty of smaller meals during the day. A smaller meal at dinnertime will help ensure a deeper sleep as the body does not need to work as hard to digest its food.


Stay active

An active pregnancy is less likely to meet with complications. Participate in light exercise daily. Keeping active will help to promote a great sleep.



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