Your first pregnancy is a very exciting time and is full of lots of unknown’s.


Will I get morning sickness? Will I be very tied? Will I get stretch marks? How will I carry? Will I have cravings? Will my ankles swell? Will I feel fit and beautiful? Will I have complications? Will the birth go according to my birth plan? How big will my breasts grow?


Although every pregnancy is different, we can often gage from our first experience the type of pregnancy we will have second time around i.e. morning sickness, complications, energy levels etc.



Learn from experience


Plan your day keeping in mind your limitations and your need for rest and nourishment. It is important to look after yourself even though it will not be as easy second time around.





The wonderful thing about the first pregnancy is that we are able to indulge ourselves and be completely selfish. When we feel tied and unwell we can rest and take time out to pamper ourselves.


This is no so easy second time around. Depending on how much help you may or may not have. Women will often find themselves running after a toddler or older child, giving the new Mum little time to rest and take care of herself.



Clothing and bras


A lot of women will keep their previous maternity wardrobe and wear it throughout multiple pregnancies.


This is ok for clothing however; maternity and nursing bras should not be reused for two reasons.


  1. Different bra size

You may find with your second pregnancy that you are a completely different bra size. Your bra size can be affected by weight gain, weight loss, age, pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Women will continue to change bra sizes throughout their lifetime. It is important to get regularly fitted by a bra-fitting specialist to ensure you are wearing the correct sized bra. This will help to ensure comfort and that you are getting the much needed support that a well fitted bra will give you.


Learn how to measure maternity bra size with this simple guide.


  1. Loss of support:

A good bra will start to loose its ability to support after approx. 6 months of wearing, as the elastics and fabrications will eventually start to deteriorate. This is particularly true for maternity and nursing bras as they are carrying more weight and are more likely to be worn and washed often.



Stretch marks


Stretch marks are unfortunately a result of pregnancy for many women. It is caused by a sudden increase in body mass. The larger you carry the more likely you are to get stretch marks. Using a good quality body oil or creams and keeping well hydrated can help to eliminate stretch marks. However, it is not guaranteed.


If you got stretch marks during your first pregnancy you are likely to get them in your second pregnancy too.



Birth Preparation


It is important to remain fit and active during your pregnancy. This will help to encourage a birth without complications.


However, in saying this despite our best efforts complications are not always avoidable.





Breastfeeding is not always easy. Every baby is different, with some babies taking to breastfeeding easily, while others have a poor latch and are not good feeders.


Stay open-minded and persist as breastfeeding will not only benefit your baby but will help your body in its post partum recovery.


See also: Common Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions



Your Body


Learn to love your body. With multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding our bodies will continue to change and evolve.


An active healthy lifestyle will help to ensure our bodies remain healthy.


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