These maternity and nursing spacer bras are ideal for women who fluctuate a fair amount in bust size during the day. Spacer Foam warms to the heat of the body and will mould to your bust providing a nice t-shirt bra shape without the bulkiness of foam.
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Spacer is a relatively new fabric which unlike usual fabric, which has a single layer of fabric, uses 2x layers of fabric joined by a microfilament yarn. Spacer used in Nursing Bras makes them particularly useful as the inner layers draws the heat via the permeable made layer and pushes it out to keep the body cooler and regulated. In a pregnant or nursing woman, where the body temperature is higher, Spacer Nursing bras will provide much needed relief.

Features and benefits

Spacer bras are also generally lighter and offer great shape. One of the primary reasons for the that is that they mould easily. It generally takes about 20-30 secs for the fabric to warm which then enables the fabric to mould around the breast, providing a snug, secure fit. On a body where one breast might be differently shaped or sized to the other or when a woman has just breastfed from one side, spacer fabric is ideal. By hugging the breast and providing a secure feel it will avoid general gaping that a foam moulded cup bra will do.

There are different thicknesses of spacer fabric too

The thicker 3D spacer will tend to emulate more of the t-shirt, contour moulded cup bra look & feel without the bulk that is associated with foam. The thinner spacer will tend to act more as a regular fabric, whilst it won’t wrinkle and will provide a snug fit.