Maternity and nursing bras come in many different shapes and styles.

Cake Lingerie designs maternity and nursing bras for different stages of your pregnancy and for breastfeeding. We recognise that you body is changing and that one product will not fulfil your body’s unique requirements.

It is important when deciding which maternity bra style to purchase, that NOT all maternity bra styles are ideal for every woman. Your body size, breast shape and life style are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when making a choice.

Fuller Figure Maternity Bra

The plus size maternity bra is a unique construction designed for a fuller bust. We have used strong fabrications and accessories to ensure the wearer gets maximum support and full coverage.
Sizes range from 10D-18J.

Non-Wired Maternity Bra

Traditionally non-wired bras have been the bras of choice. A non-wired bra will give good support with out the use of an underwire. The centre front is usually increased in height to give the wearer more cup coverage resulting in a more secure fit.
Sizes range from 10B-16FF.

Contour Maternity Bra

A contour bra will give the wearer added support due to the foam cups. A contour bra will give the wearer versatility and a smooth profile. This is a great product for wearing under fitted clothing such as T-shirts.
Sizes range from 10B-16FF.

Flexible Wired Maternity Bra

Flexi-wire or underwire nursing bras are one of Cake Lingerie’s top sellers. The flexible wired bra is ideal during those times when the body has stabilised in growth i.e. 4-9 months of pregnancy and 8 weeks post birth. The flexible wired has been designed to sit around the breast tissue and will give the wearer added support with a great shape. The flexible wired bra is particularly good for women with fuller bust who wants a product with a lower centre front that is not full cup coverage.
Sizes range from 10C-18H.

Seamless Maternity Bra

A seamless bra is the perfect transition bra. It is ideal for the first 3 months of pregnancy and the first 8 weeks post birth. The seamless bra has been designed to give some support while giving the wearer the comfort and stretch needed, which allows the bra to change with the wearers growing body.
Sized S-XL.


Maternity & Nursing Bras
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