Most women will experience a rapid increase in their breast size over the first 3 months of pregnancy.

It is recommended during this time to stop wearing your normal bra. The main reason for this is that most bras are cup and band size specific. Rapid growth in your breast will mean you no longer fit your bra, it is likely to be uncomfortable and restrictive at this point.

SOLUTION: Invest in a good quality seamless bra. This bra should provide you with good leaves of support and should have a stretchy cup. It will allow your bust to expand without restriction. Remember that not all seamless bras are created equal. Invest in a quality product, it will last longer and feel comfortable to wear.
Most Seamless bras come in sizes S-XL- read the packaging to determine which size you should purchase.

At about 3 months of pregnancy. Your breast growth should have stabilised. Go to your favourite lingerie boutique and get re fitted. Most women can increase up to three cup sizes during the first trimester of pregnancy.

It is at this point that you should be investing in a good cup specific product. A good quality maternity bra is especially designed to give the wearer maximum levels of support and comfort. Which is very important during this time when your breasts are getting ready for milk production.

Looking after your breasts during pregnancy will help to prevent premature breast sagging and breast damage.

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