I kept most of Ethan’s baby clothes – well the ones that survived the test of time like his cot, push chair, high chair, baby bath.  I had them all packed away neatly in the garage ready for baby number two.

I have been putting off the enormous task of sifting through the boxes, as I will need to rewash, dust down, repair any damaged items and find a new home for them in time for Carter’s arrival.

Well it did not turn out to be so much of a chore; it was actually a lot of fun.  Ethan got a kick out of seeing how small he used to be and helping me to sort out his baby brother’s bed.

Most things were in tip-top condition.  I have hardly had to buy a thing 2nd time around.  Yah for me!  So glad I held onto everything.

It is times like these that make me super excited and impatient to welcome our new little man into the world.


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