Ethan is nearly 5 ½ years old.  I had gotten very use to getting a good night sleep. But I have been suffering from poor sleep for the past few months now, which I hear is very common in the third trimester.

With the heat, reflux, full bladder, leg cramps, developing tunnel carpal syndrome in my wrists and hands, the inability to get comfortable and an extremely active baby inside me, the quality of sleep I am managing to get is getting less and less.

A few tips I have taken on board to help improve the quality of my sleep are:

*Wearing comfortable pyjamas  has become a necessity.  Natural soft fibres against sensitive areas like the breasts is important, as the heat tends to encourage sweat.   Synthetic fibres can make you itch and sweat excessively, making for an extremely unpleasant sleep.

*Developing a good sleep routine.  Going to bed around the same time each night and avoiding naps during the day as this can affect quality of sleep at night.

*Avoid drinking Caffeine within 6 hours of bedtime.   Also limiting the amount of liquid intake around bedtime, to reduce the toilet stops in the night.

* I personally love sleeping on my back, but I have found that I am getting more sleep when I am on my side, however not the most comfortable position. By placing a pillow between my knees has helped with the comfy factor and has helped to reduce pressure on my aching legs and feet.

*Avoiding stuffy room temperatures. Air conditioning, ceiling fans and/or an open window is a great idea to encourage airflow.  A pregnant women’s body is several degrees hotter than normal, so keeping cool is important to help avoid a restless sleep.  I adore my ceiling fans and have them going all night.

*Maintaining an exercise regime and healthy eating habits is recommended.  A fit healthy body tends to feel stronger and can help to avoid putting on extra weight.

*Avoid stress and worrying about birth related issues.  Remember the female body is designed to give birth.

Good luck and I hope you find the above tips helpful.



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  1. Oh Tracy, I would never recommend giving up naps! I take the attitude that sleep breeds sleeps, and while I did have some wakefulness in my pregnancy, I wasn’t tired because I napped. Same goes for when the baby comes, sleep when you can! I think the waking at night is preparation for caring for a newborn.

    Good luck!

    Charlotte - January 20 / 2011 / 8:29 pm
  2. I am also in my third trimester and have many of the same issues at night. I try to drink chamomile tea though out the day as well as red raspberry tea and take Wish Garden Herbs – Sleepy Nights for Pregnancy before bed and when needed when I awaken. All of them very safe during pregnancy. Hope that helps you!!

    Tana - January 20 / 2011 / 11:51 pm
  3. Thank you for your suggestions Tanya. I will be sure to look into them and try them out. Thanks again!

    Cake Lingerie - January 24 / 2011 / 10:01 am
  4. I shall give it a go, hopefully I will feel better. Thanks for your help Charlotte. I will sure keep you posted on how I am feeling.

    Cake Lingerie - January 24 / 2011 / 10:03 am