Season’s greeting to you all!

I just love this time of year.  We always go back to New Zealand to stay with my Mother in Tauranga.

I always feel like I have had a good holiday when I go to New Zealand, it is so clam and the pace of life is much slower.  It is a real treat to get a way from the busy city and the mad chaos of our day-to day lives.

I was told by the airline I am flying with that I could travel up to 36 weeks pregnant. Luckily, I fly back to Sydney just before 36 weeks, so I just manage to scrape in. Good planning on my behalf…

I have been on 3 flights over the past 2 months for both work and pleasure and I must say, flying can be exhausting while pregnant.

If you are planning on flying anytime soon, I have got a few tips that might help make your journey more enjoyable:

*Get to the airport in plenty of time to avoid rushing around and stressing due to lateness
*Stay well hydrated-drink plenty of water
*Take light snacks with you for the plane in case you get the munchies
*Wear comfortable shoes that are not restrictive
*Wear comfortable clothing
*Visit your midwife or doctor before the intended trip and get a health check to ensure you are well and fit to travel
*Take along a doctor’s or midwife note for the airline to state your due date and that you have experienced a normal pregnancy with no complications (if this is the case).  This will help to avoid any questioning while checking in
*Have handy a sick bag, as turbulence can make you feel wheezy
*Take a little nap where possible
*Get up and stretch your legs as the seating space can be restrictive

I wish you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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