As you may know I have just returned from spending 4 days in NZ at the ‘Parent and Child Show’ in Auckland.

A big hello to all those lovely women I met at the show.  It was fantastic to meet you all, I really enjoyed my trip and feel it was a great success.

I wanted to share with everyone just a few of my favourite finds at the show.

Natures Sway – Baby Sling:  I actually purchased one of these as it is a fantastic alternative to a baby carrier.  Carry your baby naturally, made from 100% natural cotton canvas.

Ride-on Carry-on:  Lets kids ride through the airport on your luggage.

Fingerprints:  Unique handcrafted pure silver jeweller imprinted with a fingerprint or artwork.

Kiwiherb – The natural way to healthy children: ‘Children’s Echinature’ for premium immune support, ‘Children’s chest syrup’ to clear chest congestion, ‘Kid’s Calm’ to soothe emotional and digestive upsets, ‘De-stuff for Kids’ for blocked noses, sinuses and ears.

Silly Billyz- A range of innovatively designed bibs, play mats, car seat/stroller liners, gorgeous hooded towel sets and more.

Flexi Bath:  An innovative baby bath that folds up when you are finished with it.  A great alternative for those who live in an apartment and space is an issue.

Kids place:  A unique cardboard place house big enough for toddlers to place in.  What I love about this playhouse is that the children can decorate and paint the house any way they like.

Sleeping Bag:  Winter weight sleeping bag made from Marino wool.  Designed for Babies 3-24months.


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  1. It was lovely to meet you too (and model this stunning lingerie) I really look forward to getting the mat. set 🙂 Being underwire means i dont have to wait to have bub 😀

    Wernt those flexi baths amazing!!!!

    Jasmene - November 3 / 2010 / 7:07 pm
  2. Jasmene, it was a pleasure to meet you too! And you looked absolutely stunning in our lingerie.

    I found so many fantastic products at the show and the flexi baths were definitely one of them. Did you find anything else interesting at the show?

    Cake Lingerie - November 4 / 2010 / 9:05 am
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