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Week 19 - Baby Scan

Today we went for our 19 week Scan. We decided to take Ethan along as he is just as excited about the new baby as we are.

Ethan’s reaction was priceless (I think he was expecting to see a beautiful clear image). He was excited at first, then not so much as the toys provided seemed to be of more interest to him.

I am so glad we involved him in the experience. He now knows the baby is about the size of his head.

So it is official, we are having another boy! Ethan is super excited to be welcoming a new baby brother mid February.

Below are two scans of our new little bundle of joy.

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I've been taking my 2 year old daughter to our scans for bub number 2, and she has been most concerned for me, asking if I am okay, happy, or better are her words of choice, I try consoling her and letting her know there's nothing wrong, I am fine, but she's such a Mummy's girl, I still enjoy taking her though and talking to her about the baby.
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I agree, sharing the experience with Ethan and involving him as much as possible has helped him to understand that he will have a baby brother soon. Your daughter sounds too beautiful for words, is she excited to be a big sister and being mummy's special helper? Tracey x