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Week 17 - Retail Therapy

My clothes are continuing to get tighter. My breasts have tripled in size (thank goodness I know of a fantastic Maternity Lingerie company) and the fatigue is relentless.

Time for some retail therapy. And there is nothing like a new wardrobe to brighten your day.

My search 5 years ago was not much fun and I resorted to wearing mainly looser clothing and I was hoping to find more fashionable and flattering maternity clothing this time around. I had a good look around, but still managed to be in the same situation, however the selection in maternity clothing has definitely improved and it is good to see more options out there for pregnant women.

In my hunt for new maternity clothes I did find some great products, so check out these cool maternity clothing websites;


I am eagerly awaiting my package from Asos and cannot wait to wear my Khaki Cowl Neck Dress. I would love to know which brands you recommend and wear.


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