Finally I have been through all the booking in procedures at the hospital and I can now meet my mid wife team.

I was so excited when I found out that I could have another water birth.  I had a water birth with Ethan 5 years ago, and I totally recommend it as it was the most beautiful and calming experience (as calm as it gets with birth).

The warm water acts like a natural painkiller and I can honestly say that asking for an epidural or gas did not even cross my mind with Ethan.  I felt completely in control and very much in touch with how nature intended child birth to be.

The doctors mentioned to me today that because I had a very quick first birth experience (dilating in only 4 hours) that number two could be faster than the first.  So I will be on the ball with any little consistent pains around my due date (Feb 14th),  especially because the hospital is a good 25 minute drive from home.


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