To start with breastfeeding can take a lengthy period of time. This is determined mainly by your baby’s ability to feed effectively.


It is during these first few months that sit-feeding baby can become monotonous and boring at times.


We have a clever list of things you can do while breastfeeding to help pass time.



1. Bond with your baby


Stroke his or her cheek to help stimulate and keep your newborn awake while feeding. Talk or sing softly to baby as it feeds. Your calm voice will help baby to feel secure.



2. Drink


It is always advised to drink plenty of water when breastfeeding. Always have a glass or bottle of water close at hand, to help hydrate.



3. Eat


Prepare yourself a healthy snack before you sit down to breastfeed. Regular light snacks will help to keep your energy levels high, resulting in nutritious milk for baby.


reading while breastfeeding

4. Read


Take the time to read a book. Position yourself comfortably and get lost in a good novel.



5. Catch up with your favorite shows


We all know that being a new mum is not easy and that free time is precious.


Record your favorite shows and watch them while breastfeeding. Time will fly!



6. Family time


Use the time to sit down and talk with your partner or other children. This way they will get your full attention and your family will feel loved and appreciated.


sleeping while breastfeeding

7. Relax


Put your feet up and close your eyes for a bit.


Practicing multiple feeding positions is beneficial. Being able to lie down to breastfeed will mean that you can take a load off and baby will feel completely relaxed and secure should you fall asleep.


It is advised to set an alarm should you fall asleep.



8. Get organized


Take the time to write a list and organize your day. Writing things down is useful to help ensure you don’t forget anything. It also helps relax the brain and will result in less stress.



9. Get social


Catch up on social media. Share your favorite baby pic and get in touch with the outside world. New mums can often feel isolated.



10. Phone a friend


Catch up with friends and family via phone. Have an adult conversation! We often find our lives revolving around our children – stimulate your mind.



11. Exercise your brain


Engage in a mind teaser, cross word or numbers game. Keep your brain active! Our brains need exercising just as much as our bodies.



12. Do your housework


Some women will find breastfeeding easier and will not need to sit. Invest in a good sturdy baby sling or carrier and position your baby accordingly. In the correct position a baby should be able to effectively feed from the breast while you continue to engage in other activity.



13. Listen to music


Take the time to sit and listen to your favorite tunes. Take time to yourself.


surfing the net while breastfeeding

14. Surf the net


Getting out and about with a newborn is not always easy. Using the Internet to research before purchase is a wonderful resource. The Internet is also wonderful for shared mummy advice. Join a mum’s blog online and share and compare stories.



15. Meditate


Take the time to slow your mind and breathing.
Close your eyes, get in to a comfortable position and take deep slow, controlled breaths.


Try to blank your mind and avoid any thoughts. If they do, discard them.


Practice makes perfect!

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