There are many ways people announce their pregnancies to their friends and families – whether it’s a phone call to your mum or best friend, a sms to your closest friends, or a status update to let the world know.

Something which some of the Cake staff have noticed is the rise of image announcements, most notably with the dependence we have with social media – personally, recently seen in one of our Cake friends posting a pic of her new bub as a way to announce the birth of her first son. No phone calls, no message. Just an image.

The beautiful nature and simplicity of the image is that in one look it can create a mood and tell a story without physically saying anything at all.

Why do you think advertisements with little words are the most successful ones? Images sell, words just assist.

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words and we must admit we absolutely loved how Singer, Jessica Simpson (officially) announced her pregnancy on Halloween a few days ago with this picture:

Courtesy of

At first when checking her site it was a tad confusing seeing the title “It’s true! I’m going to be a mummy” – when Americans spell ‘mum’ as ‘mom’. (NB, Cake Lingerie is based in Australia ;))

But when we saw the image, we understood her clever pun with costume intended, perfect timing for October 31st and to show the world her beautiful new curves! 🙂

How did you announce your pregnancy or birth?

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