Are you a fan of our flexible wire bra?

Have you longed for larger bust sizes in our beautiful designs? Well now is your chance to speak up and let us know!

Released this week, 3 beautiful designs from our 2011/12 Birthday Cake collection – fuller figure bras (Cheesecake and Blue Cheesecake) and flexible wire bra (Licorice), available now online and from leading stores.

After much feedback for bigger band and cup sizes, we offer you our delightful new bras – which go up to a 40J (UK size). That’s an 18J in Australia, or a 40M in the US.

We still continue to have great response to wearing flexible wire during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters and after a month post birth, giving what mothers have said “the best lift and support”, “flexible wire earns a big tick” and “it’s finally nice to have the support I need!”

Licorice is the first flexible wire design to go beyond a size 38G (UK) of our previous styles, into a 40GG (UK).

Our Fuller Figure bras are our first of their kind, presenting a beautiful A-frame sling with 4 piece cup construction for comforting support, up to size 40J (UK).

If you happen to be one of the first to own this bra, drop us a comment below with how you like the fit and feel of it!

There are 4 more feminine designs that will be arriving shortly including strikingly new nightwear pieces to complete this range which you can view on our homepage. (

What bra are you most looking forward to from this collection?


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