Experts say, having a balanced diet and exercising regularly will keep you fit and healthy, and the same applies during pregnancy. Studies show that eating right and keeping active is just as important and beneficial when pregnant.

The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle whilst pregnant can lead to a number of health benefits. Studies show that keeping active during pregnancy can:

* decrease the chance of excessive weight gain
* increase energy levels
* improve sleeping patterns
* decrease stress
* reduce aches and pains (backache, nausea, constipation)
* lower the risk of a premature baby

After consulting your doctor or obstetrician and receiving the all clear, the best form of exercise during pregnancy are low-medium impact activities. Walking, aquarobics, yoga and pilates are fantastic activities that are beneficial and great ways to meet other mums-to-be.

It is recommended to exercise for 30 minutes a day in order to see and feel the benefits. In the later stages of pregnancy, women tend to experience more fatigue and aches which is expected. Women should then consider breaking their daily exercise into manageable blocks of about 10 to 15 minutes at a time, which will still be just as effective.

Below are some helpful tips to stay in shape:

* drink plenty of water, especially during pregnancy
*  stop exercising if you experience any complications or feel uncomfortable and consult you doctor or obstetrician
* eat a balanced diet
* do not over exert yourself
* inform your instructor that you are pregnant

Keeping active during pregnancy will not only be beneficial for you but it is also very beneficial for your baby.


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  1. This blog is right on the money, i kept fit throuhout my whole pregnany – did my last exercise class 2 days before i gave birth! And i tell you it gave me all the endurance i needed. I didnt have any drugs and didnt need any stitches as i was able to control the pushing through my contractions. I encourage all mums to be to get out there and get active – my little girl has had no troubles; eating or sleeping. I had no problems feeding her and still dont. And am smaller now that i was before i became pregnant. I think this all is tied in to my active lifestyle. Labour is like a marathon, you need to train for it!

    Leiah Cook - December 30 / 2010 / 9:11 am
  2. Great advice Leiah, thanks for sharing. I also believe that fitness during pregnancy is beneficial whether it be yogo, aqua areobics or even walking. I love how you have said ‘labour is like a marathon, you need to train for it!’

    Tracey - January 6 / 2011 / 4:26 pm