It is very important that you invest in nursing bras that will provide you with a great fit, support and comfort. Inadequate nursing bras can leave you with permanent ligament damage, irritation and discomfort.

When purchasing your nursing bras you should consider the following:

-The design/structure of the bra

-Fabrication used

-Accessories used

-The price



The design and structure of the bra will determine how it fits on the body. A good bra will contain design features such as infused support panels in the lower cup. They will provide strength in the cup that will ultimately hold and support your breasts. Also look for a double layered back band, this will also help with support as the back band provides 90% of the support in the bra.

Women are all shaped differently so what works for one woman may not necessary work for the next. It is my suggestion that you try different styles to determine what works best for you. The bra you choose should provide good coverage, support and feel comfortable to wear all day.



The fabrics used to create a bra are extremely important as they will not only help to assist in the support and lift the bra will provide but will also help to determine its durability.

A good bra will be constructed from a number of different fabrics. Look for bras that contain multiple layers of fabrics in the cups, back band and straps. Layers of fabric will not only provide strength but will also contribute to the comfort it provides. Bras that are cotton lined will not only feel great against the skin but will also help to keep you cool in the warmer months.

Avoid bras that are made from one layer of fabric as they provide little support and will stretch over time.



Look for bras with strong durable accessories.

-Nickel free hoops and sliders

-Bows firmly attached

-Strong feeding clips

-Firmly attached hooks and eyes



It is very easy to be tempted into buying cheap bras.

Believe me when I say it is worth investing a little more as you get what you pay for.

Good quality bras will wash and wear better and provide you with a superior fit. While cheaper bras may fit well to start with they can tend to stretch and lose their shape after a number of wears and washes, resulting in a bra they provides little support.

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