Cake Lingerie’s very popular Cotton Candy Seamless range comes in 5 colours. Blush, Nude, Grey, Blue and Black.

The Luxury Seamless Maternity/ Nursing Bra is silky soft & built for comfort. Its carefully positioned double-layered side sling, strength panels and T-back structure are designed to maximise lift and support. Cake Lingerie’s Seamless Maternity/ Nursing Bra is ideal during the initial stages of pregnancy, immediately post childbirth and as a sleep-bra, when your breasts are rapidly changing in size & shape. The Black Cotton Candy bra will grow to accommodate your changing bust without restriction.

• Easy Sizing – S, M, L, XL – See sizing grid
• 5 Fashionable colours
• Innovative low T-back for medium levels of support
• Fabric moulded cups for smooth seamless appeal
• Side Sling for discreet feeding & shape
• No itchy garment tags
• Adjustable hooks & eyes for fitting preference
• Great elastic stretch & memory
• Additional side panel support ribbing
• Mid-waisted matching briefs available
• Made with unique, silky-soft yarn for ultra comfort
• 90% Polyester 10% Elastane (excl of trims)

Cake Lingerie’s Seamless Maternity/ Nursing Bra, also comes with a silky soft and comfortable brief. The Black Cotton Candy matching mid-waisted brief is made from a super fine knit for an ultra comfortable feel. So soft, you won’t even know they’re on!

• Easy Sizing – S, M, L, XL – See Sizing Grid
• 5 Fashionable colours
• Mid-waisted brief for great coverage
• No itchy garment tags
• Great elastic stretch & memory
• Made with unique, silky-soft yarn for ultra comfort
• 90% Polyester 10% Elastane (excl of trims)

For your chance to WIN, one of two Black Cotton Candy Maternity/Nursing bra and pregnancy brief set:
Women entering the giveaway must ensure they read the terms and conditions before entering.
Good Luck and don’t forget to share with your friends!

1. ENTRY: Write a comment in the comments section of the Blog Post. The Giveaway is open from 8th April 2013 until 15th April 2013.
2. WINNER SELECTIONS: Two winners will be selected at random from the entries obtained. The winner will be notified via email, announced on Facebook and recorded in the comments section of the Blog post.
3. PRIZES: Prizes are non-transferable and no substitutions will be made.

 All entrants should ensure they fit the sizing guidelines as stated within the giveaway.
4. ELIGIBILITY: Sweepstakes open only to those who are 18 years of age or older. Employees of Sponsor, advertising, promotion, and judging agencies and members of the immediate families or households of any of the above are NOT eligible to participate. For purposes of these rules, “immediate families” means spouse, parents or legal guardians, siblings, children, step-parents, step-siblings, step-children, and the spouses of each of the foregoing.

Cotton Candy Black

149 comments on “BRA OF THE MONTH- Review and Giveaway

  1. Heather McKenzie Carter on said:

    I love this bra, (and I’m jealous of the gal modeling it lol) – Currently in my final month of pregnancy and would love to wear this while nursing my new lttle guy!

  2. Tiffany Holtzinger on said:

    I would LOVE to win this gorgeous set from Cake Lingerie! I’m a HUGE Cake fan! I’m due to deliver our 4th baby boy in June, and I need some new sized nursing bras!! Cake is by far the BEST!!!!

  3. Kelsey Feisst on said:

    These look super comfy and stylish at the same time un like some nursing bras! I would love to win a set please :)

  4. Elisebet F on said:

    My son has been nursing for 11 months now, and we have no intention of stopping soon! Would love to win this. My nursing bras are falling apart!

  5. Kenna on said:

    I would love to win this bra!

  6. Jaimie Adams on said:

    I’m due August 1st and would LOVE to win! Thank you so much for the chance! :)

  7. Kaity on said:

    I have only heard the best things about Cake but haven’t gotten to try yet. This set looks perfect!

  8. Emily Adams on said:

    I would love to win this, it looks so comfy!

  9. Jessica Baitz on said:

    This set looks so cozy!! Everything on this site looks amazing!

  10. Holly Brown on said:

    Me! Me! Please pick me! ;)

  11. Heather Milligan on said:

    I would love this! We are TTC and my husband will be deploying in 6months.

  12. Amanda on said:

    I am due in early June and am having trouble finding some great nursing bras, especially since I can’t find CAKE in my city. Would love to be able to try it out!

  13. Ashley on said:

    I desperately need bras! Nothing fits well and I’m due at the beginning of August. This bra looks perfect, comfy and practical.

  14. Jenna on said:

    I would love this! Nursing my 1 yr old :)

  15. Autumn on said:

    Looks good!

  16. I’m a first time mommy to a 6 week old little girl. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and find most nursing bras to be SO uncomfortable! This bra looks so comfy yet cute and I’d love to try it! I’ve heard such great things about your bras :)

  17. helana coddington on said:

    Thank you for the giveaway! Only 7 weeks give or take and our little baby boy will be here, can’t wait to experience feeding him for the first time.

  18. Lyndsay Chae Deurmier on said:

    As crazy as it is, I would LOVE to get a brief for postpartum (I loved high waisted pants after I had my first born!) a pair of comfortable briefs, and bra when my milk comes in sounds like heaven! Talk about ultimate postpartum comfort!

  19. Kara W on said:

    I would love to win this set!! Looks so comfy, perfect for when I’m nursing my little boy… which is always

  20. Roxanne on said:

    Just entered my third trimester and that bra is looking extra comfy!!!

  21. Addison Kat on said:

    Love Cake Lingerie! Would love to win. :)

  22. Brenda Fong on said:

    Exactly the perfect bra for everyday wear.

  23. CamilleHatcher on said:

    Love your bras! My Genevieve is 5 weeks old and we are going strong on Breastfeeding. Would love to win this.

  24. Wendy on said:

    This would be lovely to win.

  25. Suz A on said:

    I’d love to be a winner!

  26. Ashleigh Swerdfeger on said:

    This bra would make nursing my son easier. It is also gorgeous. I would love to win this! :D

  27. Lisa bolduc on said:

    Love this set. It looks so comfortable

  28. I want one!

  29. Devon F on said:

    This looks so comfy! I would love to win!! Thanks for the chance :)

  30. melanie w on said:

    These look so comfortable!

  31. Samantha on said:

    I’m in desperate need of a new nursing bra & would LOVE to try this one! It would be even better to win it!

  32. anastasia on said:

    This is beautiful! You can never have too many nursing bras, mine get used rigorously! :) Cake is awesome!

  33. Emily B on said:

    That is pretty and comfortable looking at the same time! I could really use replacements for my worn out bras from last pregnancy!

  34. Jamie on said:

    I would love to win this set! I’m currently nursing my second at 7 months and am having a hard time finding the right nursing bra in a large size! :)

  35. I love how they are seamless and no itchy tags!! I would love to win this gorgeous set. Many thanks

  36. Eboni on said:

    I love the way this bra looks. Looks like it would be super comfortable, and easy for me to nurse my son in. Hope I get a chance to find out!

  37. Erin Landis on said:

    This looks incredibly comfy!

  38. Rebecca on said:

    I love cake lingerie!

  39. Tyese L on said:

    I would love to win this set!

  40. Jennifer on said:

    I have admired your nursing bras for so long now! Please pick me!

  41. Tannis W on said:

    I’ve been coveting some ‘Cake’ for awhile now. Would love this set! Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Lindsay H on said:

    Ooh I don’t have any black nursing bras yet! This would be so perfect for outfits that I need a black bra with :)

  43. Emilie Lane on said:

    My daughter is only 7 months and I have already spent so much money on nursing bras that don’t hold up! I should have gone with the best Cake bras to begin with! Please pick me! My boobies desperately need this set!

  44. Amanda C on said:

    I would love to win this! I’ve heard cake lingerie bras are the best!

  45. Shalon on said:

    I would love to win this! I need some comfortable nursing bras!

  46. Aubriel on said:

    I love this bra set! It looks so comfortable to wear at night or during the day! It comes in 5 different colors, that is awesome!, instead of the boring ol’ nude sleeping bra! Want it, Need it!

  47. Kal Digiambattista on said:

    I love the items at your website……I am trying to have my third and can’t wait to have anothr one. I would love to win this prize. It looks functional and stylish at the same time

  48. andrea on said:

    I have a selection of nursing bras that I am ok with. Problem is I am huge this time(#3) and none of them fit. Due in aug and would love to try this out so I can start purchasing more

  49. Kimberly on said:

    I love that this bra works for sleeping too. I’m very large chested so I need the super to be able to sleep comfortably.

  50. Sarah Jacqueline Peters on said:

    I just found out out about this brand and would love to try it! Looks so comfy!!

  51. Tara E on said:

    would LOVE this!

  52. Holly on said:

    I’m a new mama a two a 2 week old. I would love to try out this bra!

  53. Kath Hewett on said:

    I LOVE your underwear range and am so happy with the large sizing it comes in for the following reason. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby and before I fell pregnant was a comfortable C size cup. NOW, I’m pushing an E cup and I haven’t even had the baby yet. I am petrified about what size my boobs will grow to. How on earth do I estimate what size bra to buy for when my milk comes in? Help!

  54. Natalie Watson on said:

    So simple yet absolutely essential!!

  55. Chelsea White on said:

    I would LOVE to win! I have a beautiful 4 month old little girl. Even though i have been blessed with a great milk supply, my breasts have suddenly gone back down in size. I am now wearing 1 nursing sports bra that I wash every night. It is frustrating. I struggled to find a decent nursing bra and I am still not completely satisfied. I would love to try yours out!

  56. Cara Thompson on said:

    Wow, I would SO love to win this one….new baby due in under a month :o)

  57. Mandy M on said:

    I would love to try this!!

  58. NatalieNatalieNatNatalieNatal on said:

    Would love to try this! Looks fabulous & oh so comfy!

  59. Jennifer Aquino on said:

    Beautiful! Would love a set. Pick me, pick me, pick me! Please :)

  60. NatalieNatalieNatNatalieNatalNatalie on said:

    Would love to try this! Looks fabulous & super comfy!

  61. NatalieNatalieNatNatalieNatalNatalieNatalie on said:

    Looks fabulous & super comfy! Would love to try!

  62. NatalieNatalieNatNatalieNatalNatalieNatalieNatalie on said:

    Would love to try! Looks lovely!

  63. Christy G on said:

    Awesome looking bra! Would love to try it out :)

  64. Angela S on said:

    This looks so super comfy – exactly what I’m after. I am due in about 4 weeks (fingers crossed earlier!) and am looking at this thinking COMFY!

  65. Chandra on said:

    37 weeks along and would live this opportunity to try out your line!

  66. SSSigrid on said:

    Would love to win this. I’ve been breastfeeding for 20 months now so I can really use a new bra!! :-D
    I think this one would be awesome as a night bra in summertime too (springtime here now, so perfect timing, lol). Good luck to y’all ladies!!

  67. Marianne on said:

    I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I would love to win this nursing bra, it seems so comfortable.

  68. Jen Dube on said:

    I live in my tanks!!! Would love a bra for the summer coming up!

  69. Karen Price on said:

    This looks SUPER comfortable! Would love to win this! Fingers are crossed!

  70. Jill on said:

    What a great bra and panty set! It looks so comfy!!

  71. Lyndsay Hampton on said:

    Would love this set! Stylish and comfy!!!

  72. Paulina on said:

    I can’t get over how amazingly beautiful and stylish your line is! I would love to try it!

  73. andrea on said:

    Love this!! Looks so comfy!

  74. Amanda2029 on said:

    Would love to win! Baby #3 is due anytime now and nursed up her sister up until 5 months ago so stylish is not any where near my wardrobe.

  75. Maiju on said:

    These seem great!

  76. Nelly on said:

    I love Cake Lingerie, this would be fantastic :)

  77. Miranda Welle on said:

    Looks amazing! Thanks for the chance to win some nursing mama essentials!

  78. Jessica Randall on said:

    Expecting my second and I would love to try some cake lingerie!

  79. BroobBrookerookeke on said:

    Looks like a very comfy nursing bra! I have a 4 month old little girl that loves to eat!

  80. Jessica G. on said:

    Would like to try this style!

  81. Suzette on said:

    im breastfeeding a 6mo old, i would love this bra please!

  82. Jessica Nace on said:

    I am due in 6 weeks and would love to try this set!

  83. Ginger G. on said:

    This looks super comfy! Thanks for the chance!

  84. Tyese on said:

    Would love to win!

  85. Trina O on said:

    This set is so CUTE! I haven’t had (or really thought to buy) a matching bra and panty set since first having kids, so this would just be so neat to have (AND to have it also be nursing accessible would be a nice bonus).

  86. courtney kcourtney kcourtney kittel on said:

    i would love this! it looks soooo comfy!

  87. cCarolynSoke on said:

    This looks soo comfortable!

  88. Christine @ Mama Papa Barn on said:

    Your items are gorgeous! Thanks for the easy giveaway contest.

  89. AJ Cecil-Starlin on said:

    I would really, really, really love to win this! I am expecting baby #3 in December and I swear all of my bras are already uncomfortable! I absolutely LOVE what you are doing! I am asking for a gift certificate for Mother’s Day :)

  90. Nicole hollman on said:

    Would love to win this, I am pregnant with baby 4 and I am in need of some new bras!

  91. Lisa H on said:

    So excited about this giveaway!! Pregnant with baby #1 and need all the help I can get!

  92. Holly Marie on said:

    Oh goodness it would be nice to have new bras! I am expecting baby #2 this summer and my last “good” bra just tore at the seams. Crossing my fingers and toes!

  93. Melissa devroom on said:

    A really nice nursing bra and underwear would make me feel like a million bucks!!!!

  94. Timothy on said:

    I would love to win this! It looks fabulous! :)

  95. Christi on said:

    This looks unbelievably comfortable! I need to invest in maternity bras now and winning this set would start me off so nicely. :)

  96. Monica P on said:

    I would love to win this! I am expecting my first this fall and have heard great things about this line.

  97. Rachel J on said:

    I would love to win this. Pretty and functional nursing bras seen hard to come by!

  98. Nicole on said:

    I would love to win this! I am in the market for a new nursing bra!

  99. Rachael on said:

    Oh please please please!

  100. On my 4th babe — new underthings desperately needed! ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Lauren on said:

    These are gorgeous!

  102. Pregnant with my first and would love to have this bra:)!

  103. Trista on said:

    Due with baby #3 next week, would love to win!!

  104. Elizabeth Crabtree on said:

    These look so comfy, I surely gotta get some!

  105. Andrea Williams on said:

    I would LOVE to win this set, I have one Cake Lingerie Bra and its my FAVOURITE. All my other bras don’t stay still so I’m for every correcting myself (Which is a awful look in public!) But my Coconut ice maternity bra fits perfectly and looks gorgeous! If i win this, i will be placing an order as i NEED more ! Please choose me! <3

  106. Courtney S on said:

    This would be so great to win! I have a 7 week old baby.

  107. Tina Godel on said:

    I am a mother of 2 (2 year old boy and 7 month old girl). I have had a very difficult time finding nursing bras that are comfy and appealing visually. I have 2 bras that are somewhat comfy but were not best quality. I would love to win this as money is very tight and would love a nice, comfy bra that I think I would be very happy with based on reviews. So please pick me!

  108. Kayla Dusseau on said:

    we are hoping for baby number 2 very soon! this would be so great!

  109. Jessica Hilliard on said:

    Im 8 months pregnant with baby number 2, and that bra looks ah-mazzzing. Haha I would love to win!

  110. Love this! thanks cake lingerie!

  111. Bethany Eskro on said:

    I would love to win!

  112. Brittany VanNoord on said:

    I’ve never tried Cake Lingerie, but would absolutely love to!

  113. Chelsea McDowell on said:

    I mean seriously… THAT bra is what I’ve been needing.

  114. Amy mcneill on said:

    Feels like i have spent most of my life in fuggly and ever aging maternity bras – fantastic to see a brand that are feminine and attractive!!

  115. Heather zabaneh on said:

    I love cake lingerie’s beautiful designs and flattering form. I wish I had every item
    In their collection.

  116. Nicole T on said:

    This set looks so incredibly comfy!!

  117. Kristin Simmons on said:

    I love love love Cake Lingerie! I would love to add more bras to my collection!

  118. You make beautiful bras. I would love to win one.

  119. This set looks amazing. I would love to win!

  120. ashleyo on said:

    Gorgeous! I would love this set!

  121. Nice!

  122. Kristy on said:

    Oh wow! Would love to have a beautiful bra while nursing! Dealing with added baby weight, so would be nice to feel sexy again :)

  123. I have the dark toffee cake bra which has enabled me to feel beautiful and still be able to nurse my daughter like I want to. I struggled during pregnancy to find a bra that fit and was supportive as well as post delivery. Now that I know of the cake line I can’t wait to spoil myself with goodies to feel and look beautiful during my next pregnancy! :)

  124. Sarah Mason on said:

    I would love to win this bra! Nursing is a beautiful thing – everyone should have a bra that makes them feel beautiful as well.

  125. Hannah on said:

    I could use a pretty bra:)

  126. Alexis on said:

    I would love to have a beautiful nursing bra. Mine are so ugly right now!!

  127. Sarah on said:

    So cute! I would love to win!

  128. Kristi p on said:

    I am having a baby on the 22nd so this would be so great to win!

  129. Krystal on said:

    This looks super comfortable. I would love to try it.

  130. These look soo comfy

  131. Beth Latoszynski on said:

    Oh this looks super comfy, I would love to win one, I’ve wanted a CL bra for a while, but just can’t afford them :(

  132. Miranda Welle on said:

    These look great! I’d love to try them! :)

  133. Desiree Leake on said:

    With nursing my 16 month old and our second one due at the beginning of May, I will be tandem nursing and I’m sure these would be a great fit for any mother let alone one nursing multiples or tandem. :))

  134. Andrea Lisk on said:

    Pregnant with #3 and still wearing the same bras I got before I had #1…. could definitely use this! Sounds wonderful.

  135. Lindsay T. on said:

    Love it!

  136. Crystall L on said:

    What a fantastic essential piece!

  137. Teresa Fogus on said:

    I could really use a new nursing bra!

  138. Courtney Waibel on said:

    Due with baby #2 on Friday! Would love to try this fantastic set.

  139. Mandy Wilson on said:

    These bras are lovely. I love that you actually make pretty nursing wear.

  140. Benjamina on said:

    Just had twins and would love a pretty and functional nursing bra.

  141. Rachel Byus on said:

    I love the beautiful options of nursing ware to allow moms to still feel pretty, even if we might not feel it. :)

  142. Louise on said:

    The Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra is an absolute Godsend! A friend recommended these and I bought a pink one – gorgeous colour! With my first baby I had no idea that maternity bras could be both pretty and comfortable! It was super comfy when i was pregnant, as I started sleeping in my bras. I ended up buying the grey version an i rotate the 2 bras constantly & have recommended them to heaps of new mum friends. They’re silky smooth and easy to click undone – nothing worse than fumbling with a bra hook with one hand with a screaming baby grappling for a feed in the other! The black version look fabulous!

  143. Sarah Davies on said:

    I love my one Cake bra…would love to have another!

  144. jennifer k c on said:

    I would LOVE these…. they look so comfortable :)

  145. Jaime Gutshall on said:

    I love your Nursing bras! I would love to win!:)

  146. Tracey Montford on said:

    Congratulations to Holly Brown and Angela S. You lucky ladies are this months winners of the Black Cotton Candy bra and brief sets.

  147. Vanessa Skinner on said:

    Recently bought a French Vanilla set, so lovely and well worth the purchase!

  148. Angela on said:

    This looks like a really comfortable bra. I would love to win!

  149. Keslie S. on said:

    I’d love to win! :)

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