We recently asked some of our customers how many maternity and nursing bras they own, and the results were quite surprising with the majority of responses saying either 2 bras or 7+ bras.

We noticed that those who said 2 bras, generally had only basic colours – i.e., black, white, cream etc. This is something we, Cake Lingerie, have picked up on by offering a strong versatile range which continues to expand to meet this trend. We also have some exciting new designs that will be released in our upcoming collection.

For example, our Toffee bras have been this season’s top seller around the world for their versatility to wear as a T-Shirt, everyday bra with a fashionable, feminine ‘Cake touch’ of  modal/cotton-lined pink and floral cups.

Amazingly the responses had a significant range, from  as little as no bras to 8+ bras.

With such a huge gap, this indicates to us the differences between mothers-to-mothers and the need to create a variety of products which can suit this entire spectrum of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

This goes along with our three main ranges; Versatile, Fashion and Nightwear, to ensure there is the perfect lingerie/pajama set for each wearer to choose from.

It’s recommended to have at least 3 maternity bras – which you can switch between if they are in the wash, or to provide a different function such as support or streamline comfort which ranges between flexible wire, non-wired, mould cup or a sleep option.

However, of course, the more you own, the more selection you have to wear for the occasion or style, with one respondent saying she had a bra for each day of the week so she never ran out!

Other results found 30% of respondents had 7+ bras, 28% had 5 and 22% had 2 bras.

Respondents also owned a mixture of flexible wire and non-wired bras across different brands.



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  1. Tanja

    Finally some pretty maternity bras that dont look like something your grandmother wears. I’m 7.5 months pregnant and its literally taken me this long to find something comparable to what I wear pre-pregnancy.
    Thank you.

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