Welcoming our first guest blogger of the year – the amazing Ally Teal from lingerie website, Guilty Pleasures. 🙂

There’s something about expecting moms…Oh, that’s right!

They radiate!

Expecting moms may just as well be the most beautiful miracle human kind has ever seen or experienced.  I can only imagine how extraordinary it is to feel life growing inside you, to wake up with a kick in your tummy and get to think of all the pretty little things you are about to do with your little one.

But despite the big happy, moms-to-be must deal with a wide range of troubles that may steal their daily sunshine. And this is where you come in! No matter the role you carry, be it the husband, the boyfriend or the best friend for ever, here are some tips on how you can make the mommy-to-be more cheerful and confident.

For the past years I have been practically breathing everything about lingerie. During this time, I’ve learned that there is no woman in this world who does not find lingerie gifts enthralling, especially when they are selected with care. And this applies to pregnant women too, as confirmed by my dear friend who is now pregnant with her second baby girl.

What does a future mom want most and foremost? To feel comfortable and beautiful. We all know that during pregnancy the body goes through continuous changes, but even so, the need to be appealing and sensual never disappears.

From this perspective, I figured that a beautiful pajama to highlight the pregnancy curves was just what she needed.  I chose a pajama set in her favorite color and a larger size, and sent it to her. Yes, she loved it! She even mentioned that she would like her Birthday gift to include a second set :).

But I didn’t stop there. I wanted my surprise to include a gift that would give her the same feeling of fashionable comfort during the day as well. Such as a stylish bra that has everything: flexible wire, soft cups and, as a personal choice, a luxurious lace to overlay the beautifully crafted bra.

It may sound a little complicated to buy a bra for a pregnant woman, whose sizes change so often. But it’s quite simple, actually.

I asked my friend to use a size calculator which helped us find her current size. She was pleasantly surprised to see that her bust had transformed into her dream size. Oh, yes! We had quite a good laugh out of this experience too.

Once I knew her size, it was almost effortless to find a set that would complement her body (and eyes). I ordered it online, sent it to her and now it is the most coveted set in her wardrobe.  As you see, it was easy to orchestrate this surprise for her, even if I had to share some of my secret in advance.

Next time we meet, we will go to a local lingerie boutique together, get her fitted by a professional and help her choose a new set to match her 8-month pregnancy.  She is now converted to my lingerie choices for her, and she knows that they are the best gifts she could want for herself. Soon she will reach a new stage of her life, but I know that my surprises will continue to be her number one bra and pajama choices for the next few months.

The most important aspect of this story is to remain determined to your goal of curating a little surprise for your friend, daughter, sister or wife. This surprise may just enlighten her days to come. And what better surprise than sensual, sophisticated, and comfortable form-hugging designs?

My name is Ally Teal. My passion is lingerie and I write about it at Guilty Pleasures, Lingerie You Covetblog. Ever since I discovered Cake Lingerie, I’ve had the chance to make the most inspired gifts for my beautiful pregnant friends. I hope you will enjoy this article and it will inspire you to make lovely surprises for your loved ones too. They deserve it.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to have done for your friend! I have a friend who’s in her 5th month of pregnancy so this has given me some wonderful ideas! She’s already a mother so why not treat her to some lovely lingerie for her first mother’s day ?! Awesome idea, lovely sentiment, thanks for sharing!

    Claire Cook - March 15 / 2012 / 2:55 am