Maternity and Nursing Bras are hard working, they require a lot more washing and do tend to get worn more often than mainstream bras. This is simply because most woman will have more mainstream bras in their draws and will only purchase 3 to 4 maternity bras.

It is vital that you look after your maternity bras. Read the care label carefully and follow the washing instructions to help extend the bras life.

A lot of brands suggest you hand wash their bras. I know this is difficult, especially when you have a new baby and hand washing is the last thing on your mind.

It is my recommendation that you wash your maternity and nursing bras in a lingerie bag. This will help to avoid the lace being caught on Velcro and zips and any pulling of delicate trimmings and fabrications.

Also wash in cold water, as this will help to avoid fading and shrinkage of fabrics, such as cotton (Cotton is often used in the wire channelling, if hot or warm water is used the cotton will shrink and the wire can pop out the end or start to squeak).

Wash your darks and lights separately. This will also help to avoid any dyes running and will keep your whites looking beautiful and fresh.

Hang your bras out to dry in a shaded place. Avoid direct sunlight, as this will fade the fabrics.
Never use a dryer, as this will damage any wires and shrink the fabrications.

Drip dry do not wring out the bra as this could damage the construction and fabrication of the bra.

Once washed and dried. Store in your lingerie draw.

Keep your moulded cups open and fit one inside the other. This will avoid denting of the cups and will help to retain the shape.
Soft-cupped bras can be neatly folded with straps tucked in.

New mums should consider wearing breast pads. Some women will leak more than others. The breast pad will catch any milk or nipple excretions, which could stain your bras.

All good bras have a limited life expectancy of about 6 months. Washing and caring for them correctly will help to prolong your nursing and Maternity bras life.


How do I maintain my maternity bra?

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