Do you really know how important a correct fitting bra is to your breast health?

A correct fitting bra will provide you with more support, comfort and shape. It is also beneficial to your health as it decreases fatigue and will also prevent from damaging your breast tissue. But with 70%-80% of women in general not wearing a correctly fitted bra, most women are unaware of these benefits and the damages to their breasts that can be caused both short term and long term.

Breast health is a very important issue, especially for women who are pregnant or nursing as the statistic is even higher. For women who are pregnant or nursing, wearing the right sized bra is so important to their breast health. During this time women experience larger, heavier and more sensitive breasts, indicating that they need more comfort and support.

The most common reasons for not wearing a correct fitting maternity/nursing bra are that women do not realise or properly understand the damages that can be caused. And other reasons are that women do not know when to be fitted/refitted or what to look for when purchasing a bra.

Why should women wear a maternity/nursing bra?

Maternity and nursing bras are different from traditional bras. Essentially, they are working bras and where are specifically designed to accommodate and support a woman’s growing breasts, and allow for functionality. There are three main features when looking for a maternity/nursing bra; fit, function and quality.

When should women buy a maternity/nursing bra?

Due to the many changes women experience during this time, it is recommended that women should be correctly fitted twice, or when required. Typically, women should be fitted around 6-12 weeks and again at 28 weeks.

What should women be looking for when buying a good maternity/nursing bra?

When purchasing your bra at 6-12 weeks, women should buy a bra that is on the tightest hook to allow for growth and expansion of the rib cage and diaphragm. The bra that is purchased at around 28 weeks should be fitting on the last hook allowing for tightening after birth once the rib cage contracts and the milk settles.

If you would like more information and facts on how to correctly fit a maternity/nursing bra can be found on our ‘Bra Fitting Facts’ page on our website (


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