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Fashion vs Versatile

There are two types of women in the world when it comes to lingerie – those who love the latest fashion trends, and those who pride basics and practicality to get the most of their garments.

Fashion Collection - Turkish Delight (left) and Versatile Collection - Toffee Latte, available soon (right)

When it comes to Cake Lingerie, these two categories divide our collections, that is, Fashion and Versatile ranges, which have been uniquely put together to ensure both continue on delivering superb comfort, fit and support.

For us, fashion range refers to colourful styles that uses different trims, laces and fabrics for the fashion conscious and each collection lasts for about 18 months to adhere to current trends.

Whereas our versatile (basic) range refers to timeless and continuous pieces we will offer, that utilize neutral/basic colours and can be worn anytime, normally as an ‘everyday T-Shirt bra’,

Within these groups, we sub-categorise them under their rightful features and construction, such as how it's made and supports the wearer (eg. Mould cup for smooth contour).

But it makes us wonder – what makes you more fashion or versatile? Or are you the other way around?

What styles would you like to see more of?


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